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Case Study: Lightsphere Responsive Website Design & Development – 2014

Lightsphere Diagnostics establishes a robust web presence with a contemporary website, which matches the technology they are developing for the detection of polyps and colorectal cancer.


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Lightsphere Diagnostics, a division of ChemImage Corporation, wanted a website for users and potential investors to learn more about the in vitro diagnostic blood serum assay test they are in the process of developing. This Raman Assay for Colorectal Cancer (RACC) test can aid in the early detection of polyps and colorectal cancer through a blood test, which is non-invasive compared to the current testing methods. ChemImage has previously utilized Dynamic Digital Advertising’s website and design services, and wanted to continue this relationship with a website for their new division.


After discussing this with the client, DDA understood that displaying scientific information in an attractive manner would be pertinent in the creation of this website. Not only is this important for doctors, but incredibly crucial for patients undergoing such tests, so the website needed to be engaging to both groups. All of these elements would be kept in mind throughout this entire website design and development project.


DDA determined that a responsive parallax scrolling website would be best to display information about the RACC test on computers, mobile devices, and tablets. This modern-looking website would allow the user to learn more about Lightsphere’s goals, research, and management team. DDA’s in-house graphic designers created a concept that is cohesive with the company’s existing logo. As a user clicks through the different sections, the site is animated as it scrolls to its designated position, giving it visual appeal.



Lightsphere Diagnostics can further establish themselves with a contemporary responsive website that features information about their pioneering technology and research. ChemImage and Lightsphere were excited about the final product, and told DDA: "The new Lightsphere website DDA designed is phenomenal."