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Case Study: Tanner Industries – Responsive Website – 2016

Tanner Industries captivates new and existing customers with their modern website, which exhibits their quality products and services. 


Click to view the Tanner Industries responsive website.


Tanner Industries, a family-owned and -operated anhydrous and aqua ammonia distributor serving customers on a local and national level, worked with DDA back in 2004 to design and develop their website. Even though the website design was still contemporary, it was created mainly for desktops and laptops. Google has changed its algorithm so now sites that are not responsive, or mobile friendly, are placed lower on search results for Google users searching on a mobile device. Not only did Tanner Industries want to keep up with Google’s ever-changing guidelines, but they also wanted to redesign the website to give it a fresh look.


Upon further review of the site, utilizing a responsive website design will help the site scale on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, providing a better user experience. The new site would be hosted on a secure HTTPS-encrypted URL, as security is also a factor in Google’s updated search engine algorithms.

Tanner Industries brought to DDA’s attention that they wanted to make their new website accessible for blind and visually impaired visitors, as per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG). The website would need to feature clear text labels within the code, graphical features, scalable fonts, and a color scheme for users with color sensitivity and color blindness. These items were kept in mind throughout the entire website redesign and redevelopment process.


DDA redesigned and redeveloped a responsive website with a modern design and navigable menu structure. Visitors are greeted with a homepage that features a delivery truck driving by various landscapes, showing new and existing customers how Tanner Industries can deliver anywhere throughout the US. Pertinent information about their different services and products, including safety data sheets, is easily accessible through the site’s intuitive menu structure. DDA created two forms for users to conveniently contact Tanner Industries or register for their safety training programs. Content and images were updated, giving the website a clean look with up-to-date information. Parallax scrolling was implemented throughout the site, which contributes to the site’s visual appeal.



Tanner Industries’ responsive website clearly displays all that they have to offer to their customers, all while meeting Google’s demanding algorithms. The modern design and navigable menus contribute to the user experience. The Director of Sales at Tanner Industries made the following comment: “We are very pleased with the design and have always been pleased with working with everyone at DDA. Again much appreciated and thanks for working through this with us.”