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Case Study: ASCCP CME CD-ROM – 2006

Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs educate clinicians with the information necessary to provide the best care to patients with new conditions.




With the introduction of HPV testing and vaccines in 2006 came a greater need of educating the clinical community in regards to the HPV infection and anogenital disease. Information on appropriate methods of HPV testing, vaccine benefits, and overall challenges needed to be discussed throughout the medical community to prepare clinicians on what to expect. The American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (ASCCP) wanted to offer clinicians a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program that would provide them with the necessary information on all areas related to HPV and how they can receive CME credits for completing this program.


The goal of this continuing medical education (CME) program is to educate clinicians on the use of the HPV Vaccines for primary cervical cancer prevention. The information needed to be presented in an interactive way so the user would not only learn the background of the human papillomavirus (HPV), but they would also be able to speak knowledgably about the vaccine. The CME tool would need to include a testing portion where users could receive accreditation as well as an administrative backend where information could be tracked.


As specialists in technology-based training programs, DDA Medical has the tools and degreed staff needed to develop an interactive eLearning program of the caliber ASCCP desired. DDA graphic designersprogrammers, and videographers worked to develop this series of courses that discussed the role of HPV infections in anogenital disease, the appropriate usage of HPV DNA testing, and the potential benefits of the HPV vaccine. This eLearning tool features an attractive and easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for effortless navigation through four segments: the introduction, CME credit information, HPV Vaccine presentation, and contributor information. For the presentation section, DDA synced PowerPoint slides with voiceover narration and added presentation controls for the user to play, stop, and pause the videos. Once the course was complete, the user could take the test online or download it and submit for CME accreditation. In addition, DDA Medical’s professional programmers developed an online log-in protected administration area to track trainee usage and test results. The entire tool was formatted for CD-ROM.



This custom programmed and designed eLearning tool educated specialists in the fields of gynecology, family practice, and oncology on cervical cancer prevention by offering detailed information on the HPV vaccine, CME testing, and accreditation, and was formatted for CD-ROM for the ASCCP to distribute as needed.