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Case Study: C8 MediSensors – Trade Show Videos – 2011

DDA turns heads at international tradeshow with two informative videos designed for continuous glucose monitoring device innovators, C8 MediSensors.


View the C8 MediSensors Glu-Coaster Tradeshow Video
View the C8 MediSensors Product Story Tradeshow Video


C8 MediSensors is the manufacturer of the HG1-c, a continuous glucose monitor that eliminates painful and invasive practices from the self-monitoring equation. Faced with an upcoming international tradeshow, the company was in need of two videos that succeeded in relaying the breakthrough technologies that make this device a game-changer in the arena of glucose monitoring technology.


DDA's team of scriptwriters and video production specialists were asked to create two videos: the first, explaining the science and technology powering the device, and the second, describing the conveniences and benefits the HG1-c offers to individuals living with Type I Diabetes. Both videos were to share a cohesive design aesthetic and feature the central motif of "life lived off the rollercoaster of uncontrolled glucose levels." With only a few minutes to gain and hold the attention of tradeshow attendees, the videos were to be eye-catching and concise, but succeed in introducing the device's breakthrough technology to an audience of medical professionals.


DDA tells the story of the HG1-c using a combination of 3D animation, onscreen graphics, and voiceover narration. In the first video, the complicated technology of the device is made clear as viewers are taken inside of the HG1-c and into the diabetic's body. Within the video, glucose molecules are illuminated with light and levels measured and computed by the HG1-c device. Using a 3D model of a diabetic patient, there is no question as to device application and use, and onlookers come away with a clear understanding of the science behind the HG1-c and the minimally invasive technology that makes this device a breakthrough in the field of glucose monitoring technology.

A second video reveals the benefits of the HG1-c from the patient's perspective. Viewers are placed on a wild Glu-Coaster™ ride that signifies the dangers of uncontrolled diabetes. The device is presented as the solution, with continuous monitoring technology that is painless to administer, accurate, and discreet. DDA's in-house team of degreed professionals handled all aspects of production, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to video design, 3D animation, narration, and video editing. 



Played on two large screen monitors, C8 MediSensors tradeshow videos received rave reviews and will be used in upcoming tradeshow events. The videos complement and strengthen C8 MediSensors' established branding identity and serve as an invaluable presentation aid, introducing the device and its benefits to C8's target audience.