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Case Study: Chicago Prostate Cancer Center – Related Print Design Projects – 2004

An outdoor advertising campaign needs to attract the attention of commuters every day, and DDA can help make that happen.




Chicago Prostate Cancer Center had the opportunity to advertise their business in one of the busiest metropolitan areas in the country. What better way to attract attention than to create a larger than life ad and set it in motion? They wanted to accomplish this and more, and so they needed professional graphic design services that could deliver marketing materials with stunning results.


DDA would not only design a trade ad for Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, but they would also use a cohesive design for both a billboard and transit advertisement for their outdoor advertising campaign. Bold colors and lifestyle photography would be used to illustrate the target audience, and DDA would perform out-of-state research into the Chicago market in order to ensure optimal results. Once the research was complete, DDA graphic designers set out to create an eye-catching billboard that would be easy to understand by the largest number of Chicago commuters on a daily basis.


DDA is experienced in working with both foreign and domestic clients. After conducting in-depth target market research, DDA was ready to design and develop eye-catching print materials that commuters in the Chicago, IL metropolitan area could relate to. The transit ad DDA designed spanned the length of a city bus and towered over commuters as a roadside billboard. The bold red color choice is certainly eye-catching, and the image and message is clear: prostate cancer doesn’t have to change your life.



Providing complete assistance to the client, DDA was able to assist Chicago Prostate Cancer Center in launching a successful transit advertising campaign and prove that with the right research and tools, local target marketing can happen from anywhere.