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Case Study: Dunmore Trade Show Video – 2006

A company with a multitude of products offered and industries served needs a concise video to highlight their corporate capabilities.




After providing Dunmore with a variety of trade show graphics and ads, and designing and developing an online presence for the company, DDA Video was asked to produce a trade show video describing Dunmore’s capabilities and industries served.


Since Dunmore provides products, such as coated, laminated, and metalized films, to a wide range of industries, including space and aircraft, manufacturing, and consumer products, they need a video that highlights these services without overwhelming the viewer with visuals and information. In addition to providing graphic design and website development services, DDA is also a video production company equipped with a state-of-the-art studio in-house. After conceptual meetings with Dunmore, DDA set out to produce this video to inform and intrigue.


DDA created an animated presentation that overviewed all Dunmore has to offer. Utilizing 2D animation, photographs, voice-over narration, and some 3D animated elements, the video smartly summarizes the kind of product innovation and manufacturing solutions available from Dunmore. DDA designers planned the video concepts with the client. The voice-over narration was recorded remotely into DDA’s in-house recording studio and synced with the photographs, animations, and text to reinforce the key points of the video.



The Dunmore trade show video provides information about their corporate capabilities including all industries that benefit from Dunmore’s products and services.