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Case Study: Moxtek Polarizers Trade Show Video – 2012

DDA Video uses 3D animation in a trade show video to outshine the competition.


Click to View the Moxtek Trade Show Video


Moxtek needed a new way to promote their wire-grid polarizers during upcoming trade show events. They wanted something that not only informed, but that wowed trade show attendees and motivated them to learn more about Moxtek products. A short informative video was proposed as a trade show presentation that would act as an overview of the polarizers as well as an effective marketing tool for Moxtek. 


DDA Video would provide promotional video production services, including 3D modeling and animation design in order to produce a marketing piece that fit the clients’ needs. In order to uniquely illustrate how Moxtek polarizers work, DDA would design a 3D model of a projector and take viewers inside the device where the polarizers are kept. Voice over narration and on-screen text and graphics will be used to further explain the polarizer features. 


Once the client provided images of their polarizers and other technical data, DDA began to model the 3D projector animation and refine the video script. The animation took viewers inside the projector to show how light passes through a polarizer and what it can do to thin film and organic products compared to Moxtek’s more heat resistant wire-grid polarizers. On-screen text and graphical data was used to reinforce the animations and further describe the polarizers. The video was narrated by a professional voice over artist chosen from DDA’s Actors’ Network and recorded in DDA’s studio. A live webcast of the recording was set up so that the out-of-town client could listen and provide feedback. DDA edited the final video and sent the client a high resolution video file to play on screens of various sizes. 



Once the video was complete, Moxtek screened the presentation as part of their trade show booth.