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Case Study: DDA Medical Onlivemation™ Professional Video Production Services Commercial

DDA Onlivemation™ combines live-action video with 2D animation and images that interact with each other to create a powerful new visual medium.




DDA has always been at the forefront of pushing new technologies to communicate in exciting new ways. In the early Aughts, DDA began working on a new visual medium called Onlivemation, which combines live action video with 2D animation and imagery that all interact with one another for an immersive visual experience.


DDA needed to show the world what their new combination of live action video, 2D animation, imagery, and text looked like and explain how DDA's unique combination of creative and technical capabilities allowed it to pioneer new technologies such as Onlivemation.


DDA created this video to demonstrate just some of the possibilities of Onlivemation. DDA wrote all the scripts outlining the needs that medical organizations have for their marketing, communications, training, education, clinical trial recruitment, and more. DDA shot live-action footage in its own studios of the video spokesperson Jess (a long-time DDA employee and SEO specialist) in front of a green screen for background replacement. DDA's illustrators created custom backgrounds for the animations, and its animators added animations of medical environments. DDA also captured screens from software and medical devices, and all visuals were then integrated into realistic 3D medical environments in which the spokesperson Jess is situated. The final video also includes some small interactions Jess has with the simulated, animated medical environment of the Onlivemation, such as picking up pills going past her on the assembly line that is positioned in front of her body in animation. 



The layered depth of the colorfully illustrated and animated environment with live action video and real images and screen captures integrated into one seamless whole makes for a powerful marketing presentation that captures and keeps attention and demonstrates the best of what DDA has to offer: full-service original multimedia development that engages the senses and stimulates curiousity to learn more—the hallmark of all successful marketing endeavors. The video was successful in bringing in new leads, including Mobile Diagnostic Services, which created its own interactive Onlivemation tool with DDA in 2007 to promote its own medical services.