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Case Study: Philips Healthcare EP Navigator Virtual Medical Simulation – 2011

This eLearning tool joins a series of Virtual Medical Simulations designed and developed by DDA for Philips Healthcare, utilizing the latest in digital, interactive technology to train healthcare professionals on advanced medical equipment and software. 


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The EP Navigator would be another eLearning tool in a series of Virtual Medical Simulations (VMS) Dynamic Digital Advertising developed for Philips Healthcare. These state-of-the-art programs were designed to train physicians and medical technicians on the proper use of Philips’ interventional x-ray equipment and visualization software. The overall challenge was to find an innovative solution to facilitate faster and easier clinical adoption within private practice, hospital systems, and other major healthcare centers.


The EP Navigator eLearning tool is a continuation on the use of Philips Allura XperGuide system. For this tool, users return to the virtual Electrophysiology lab and learn as the EP Navigator guides them through the process of 3D Atriography (ATG). As with the other eLearning tools, an on-screen spokesperson and voice-over narration would be used to guide users through the interactive virtual environment as they are introduced to the equipment and software. Passive and active simulations would teach and train users on all components of the system before they are taken to the testing and certification portion of the tool. 


In order to begin the training session, DDA Medical programmed a login and registration area that facilitates the tracking of user information in a custom-programmed administrative backend system. When a user enters this information in the opening screen of the eLearning tool, he or she is immediately transported into a virtual environment DDA Medical designed to mimic the look of a state-of-the-art lab and procedure room.

Filmed on green screen in DDA Medical's studios, an actor from DDA Medical's network introduces the various components and benefits of a Philips interventional suite. The same actor was recorded in DDA's sound-proof audio booths to provide voice-over narration for the passive and active simulations. The passive simulation is meant to explain and demonstrate a procedure, while the active simulation allows the user to control the virtual equipment so that they can practice performing the procedure on their own. At any point during the presentation, the user can use the progress bar to navigate between sections of particular interest, backtrack to hear a section again, access Quick Reference Cards in PDF format, and click to read closed-captioned text. A multiple choice testing section was programmed at the end of the eLearning tool to enable users to test their knowledge of the 3D ATG. This test can be taken as many times as needed to pass and, once they do, the user will receive a personalized certificate of completion. 



DDA Medical produced all components of this eLearning tool in-house with a team of degreed creative and technical professionals. All DDA-developed Virtual Medical Simulations are used by Philips Healthcare in workshops with internationally-based physicians and are accessible online for training at any hour of the day, whether at home, at the office, or on the go, through the mobile application DDA Medical authored for smartphones and tablets.