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Case Study: Philips Healthcare RoadMap Pro Virtual Medical Simulation – 2011

Philips Healthcare benefits from richly-immersive, engaging video developed by DDA introducing their RoadMap Pro system to its users.


View the Philips RoadMap Pro Virtual Medical Simulation


After developing a series of eLearning tools and Virtual Medical Simulations (VMS) for Philips Healthcare, DDA Medical was called upon to promote the Roadmap Pro, its new advanced clinical interventional suite. With such an advanced system to introduce, this marketing tool needed to present the new Philips Healthcare technology in both a detailed and deeply engaging way.


DDA would develop an interactive video that went beyond static graphics, simple animation, and background music. This video would be available online for easy access to viewers who wanted to learn about the advantages of the Roadmap Pro, and would also feature interactive elements to maximize the impact of the presentation.


DDA developed a video that featured the Roadmap Pro system in a virtual environment. The entire system was introduced and described via voice-over narration, all recorded in DDA’s recording studio by an actor chosen from DDA Video’s Actors’ Network. By default, the video plays through all its components automatically, taking the viewer through the clinical modes, workflow, live processing, and live tool features of the system. The user also has the ability to direct the video by backtracking or advancing the video to the section of their choice. Background music and animation are added to bring substance to the presentation rather than distracting from the focus of the video: the Roadmap Pro system.



DDA Medical produced an interactive video for Philips which demonstrated the utility of the Roadmap Pro in an immersive virtual environment, so that the viewer can see and hear about its strengths first hand. Additionally, the video design was developed to maintain consistency with all the eLearning tools DDA Medical had previously created for Philips, adding to a sense of unity in the company’s marketing of its vascular clinical tools.