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Case Study: FEI Women's Health Website – 2003

Manufacturing a new medical product sparks the development of a new medical website.




After acquiring the New Drug Applications (NDA) for the Copper T Intrauterine Contraceptive known as ParaGard® T 380A, FEI Women's Health became the exclusive manufacturers and distributors of the contraceptive device in the United States. This new acquisition sparked the need to create a new online presence for FEI. DDA Medical, leaders in custom website design and development, was tasked to develop a site that's both informative and innovative.


The main focus of this website is to inform visitors about FEI Women's Health Company and the ParaGard T 380A. DDA Medical would design and develop a comprehensive site detailing news and information regarding both FEI and ParaGard, all while providing users with easy-to-follow navigation and interactive features.


DDA Medical's team of professional website designers and programmers developed a custom website and Flash tool for the ParaGard contraceptive device. In addition to the original web design, DDA Medical created custom Flash animations that were embedded in the site's text and FEI logo which provides visitors with additional information about the company and product. The website also includes a section with downloadable PDFs for extensive information on the contraceptive product.



An informative site details all aspects of FEI Women's Health and the ParaGard T 380A in a way that's both easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.