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Case Study: Costume Gallery Website and Related Projects – 1999

Using advanced techniques in print and online media, DDA produces stunning marketing materials that will make you clap your jazz hands.




For a company that thrives on dazzling, eye-catching costumes, Costume Gallery was looking for marketing materials that matched their pizzazz. After producing a catalog of the dancewear they manufacture, Costume Gallery needed a cover that compelled customers to look inside. They were also interested in creating colorful trade ads that reflected the striking costume designs. Once print media was taken care of, Costume Gallery was ready to take their print catalog online with an interactive custom website.


All print and online media needed to capture the artistic spirit of Costume Gallery. Not only did the print materials and online catalog need to provide customers with important information, it also needed to inspire customers to look into Costume Gallery further.


As a company in the performance arts industry, Costume Gallery knows that image is everything. In order to provide Costume Gallery with the right image, unique enough to catch and keep the customer’s attention, DDA used a variety of media in producing their print and online materials.

Since people do judge books by their cover, DDA created a stand-out piece for the front of Costume Gallery’s catalog. With dazzling digital photo-manipulation, DDA designed the cover featuring the logo heading in an attractive font and a repetitive shadow image of a model in costume. The trade ad is equally as appealing with a high-resolution photo combining several elements, including digital photography of a fully-accessorized girl composed into a 3D animated background of a curtained stage. Another ad depicts a spinning dancer, relaying the marketing message of Costume Gallery’s speedy delivery that arrives by show time.

In taking the print catalog online, Costume Gallery was making it easier for dance companies to browse through the selection of costumes, request a hard copy catalog, and even order costumes and accessories online. Now with a place on the World Wide Web, Costume Gallery had expanded its reach to more customers, helping them to strengthen their marketing campaign and grow their business.



With strong print and online marketing in place, Costume Gallery can broaden their customer base and dance their way to success.