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Case Study: BAS Website with Integrated Website Spokesperson Video – 2008

From a logo to a website, DDA helps to build a new corporate identity for a client from the ground up.


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For many companies, providing benefits for their employees can be both a rewarding and complicated process. For Benefit Allocation Systems (BAS), making the administration process as efficient as possible is one of their top priorities. Whether for insurance, retirement, or billing purposes, BAS covers it all, and when it came time to strengthen the marketing plan for their business, they needed a strong foundation to carry their variety of services. A company logo is the one constant throughout a marketing plan that ties all materials together. BAS not only needed a logo for their core company, but they also wanted one for their most popular service. Once a logo was established, BAS also needed a web portal to educate visitors on a new program.


With a reputation as a full-service marketing and advertising company, Dynamic Digital Advertising was brought on board to produce both BAS logos and website portal. DDA would not only provide custom website design and development, including graphic design and copywriting services, but video production would also be involved to add a layer of interactivity to the website in order to increase awareness and set BAS apart from competitors.

DDA graphic designers would work closely with BAS to redesign their current logo into a sleeker and fresher design that’s able to be formatted to fit each various program BAS offers, such as the logo for, which features the same logo image in a different color and with a tagline that matches the service named. Using the newly designed logo for, DDA would also develop a tool for BAS to educate others on the benefits of flexible spending accounts (FSA) through BAS. This online tool would provide information about each FSA, how to calculate your FSA, as well as printable materials of a variety of FSA overviews and supplemental information.


At the start of logo production, DDA focused on the roots of Benefit Allocations System. Since they do provide a variety of services in benefits administrations, DDA would design one core logo and slightly alter the color and slogan in order to tailor each separate logo to its own entity. For this logo to stand out, DDA's designers worked with the DDA Video and Animation departments to create a spinning version of the logo design.

DDA designed and developed the portal to educate others about the FSA services BAS provides. Once on the site, visitors are greeted by a website spokesperson. The featured narrator was chosen from DDA’s network of professional actors and voice over artists. The video was taped in front of a green screen within DDA’s state-of-the-art video studio. Once edited, the spokesperson acts as a video introduction to each topic discussed on the site, and was synced with additional text and imagery to highlight important features of the site and FSA program. Each time a video plays, the user has the ability to stop, replay, and resume the narration. The video script was written in collaboration between BAS and a professional marketing copywriter from DDA. This online tool also featured an animated menu that’s easy to navigate, a full guided tour of all the FSA benefits offered, and printable materials to supplement the information supplied on the website. DDA also programmed interactive FSA comparison calculators for users to customize their experiences, compare the difference in costs between paying out of pocket and in paying toward an FSA, and gain a greater understanding of how MyEnroll can help them. A direct link to the BAS enrollment portal is also included on the site so that viewers can watch the presentation and instantly sign onto the program.



Creating a logo and proper branding was of great importance to BAS, and so DDA delivered a logo design that could easily adapt to each administration offering. The comprehensive and interactive informational tool created by DDA for BAS includes this new branding and is aimed to educate employees and help them understand how affordable and beneficial an FSA from BAS can be. The custom design DDA provided served as the core design for a new BAS corporate identity to use in all future marketing materials.