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Dynamic Digital Advertising’s CD-ROM Design Services for Clients Based Nationally and Regionally in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s (DDA’s) CD-ROM design services combine the best of print, audio, and video media into one integrated and sensory-stimulating presentation. From CD-ROM design and development, to duplication, replication, and packaging, we handle all aspects of CD-ROM production in-house. Clients in all industries based nationally and regionally in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. receive DDA’s exceptional CD-ROM creations at a rapid turnaround and with cost-effective pricing.

As a pioneer advertising company in digital technology as well as a leading custom website design company, DDA has thrived in a high-tech, high-concept market. To maintain our position as an industry leader, we offer clients traditional round CDs as well as custom cut CDs. Whether you need a small business card CD-ROM or a full-sized disk, all shapes can be played via a standard CD-ROM drive. Dynamic Digital Advertising is leading the digital advertising revolution by providing you with the opportunity to present your company as never before.

What can CD-ROM design do for your company?
Although conventional brochures are still valuable forms of advertising, many companies are choosing to invest in CD-ROMs. Launch a new product or service, train employees, or update members of your organization with Interactive CD-ROMs and discover more business benefit. Deploy content on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, kiosks, and other fixed media or cross-platform for accessibility on the web. Our CDs can be programmed to run on PC, MAC, or a hybrid of the two.

Dynamic Digital Advertising integrates multimedia and interactive file types into the CD-ROM design for fully functional content and application as well as optimal playback across platforms. To create rich interactive content for both fixed media and the Internet, DDA uses advanced Macromedia Director® software. With Director®, photo-quality images, full-screen or long-form digital video, sounds, animation, 3D models, text, hypertext, bitmaps, and Flash content are combined to form one cohesive, effective marketing tool. Create a great user experience, make shopping more enjoyable, or learning more practical, while increasing sales and response rates with DDA’s CD-ROM design, development, and production services.

Other CD-ROM design services include:

· CD-ROM Website Promotion – Not only can DDA design and develop your CD-ROM, we can design and develop highly search engine optimized websites. With both digital advertising tools you can drive prospects to your custom website with CD-ROMs that can link to a target webpage and lead them to your digital doorstep.

· CD-ROM Duplication and Replication Services – At DDA, we offer short-run CD-ROM duplication and replication services at an exceptional value. Prior to shipping, all disks are tested for the best quality and accurate sector readability.

· CD-ROM Video Presentations – Regardless of application, with DDA’s expert videographers clients are able to appeal to the senses of their target audience and capture their undivided attention whether distributed as a promotional piece or used in internal meetings.

· CD-ROM PowerPoint Presentations – Although less functional than Interactive CD-ROMs, DDA designs and develops CD-ROMs that feature informative PowerPoint presentations for easy-to-use applications and wider distribution.

Why are DDA’s CD-ROM design services so important?
Dynamic Digital Advertising is a comprehensive advertising company located in the grater Philadelphia area or Bucks County and serves clients from all industries positioned in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., and across the United States. DDA uses Macromedia Director®, an industry standard, for designing, developing, and producing CD-ROM projects for large and small companies alike. We also utilize Macromedia Flash®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, or HTML to create user-friendly, high-performance CDs. DDA’s fast duplication and replication services deliver the final project on or before deadline.

See our portfolio to discover how some companies are taking advantage of this highly accessible multimedia technology.

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