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The Magic of Multimedia

In corporate and medical training, deep engagement in multisensory interactive experiences produces the most tangible results. DDA CMT has the comprehensive capabilities necessary to establish effective corporate and medical training that enhances professional development in the long term. DDA CMT was born into the beginning of the digital revolution, and has been leading the industry in technological convergence from day one.


Combining video, 2D and 3D animation, photography, illustration, voice-over narration, and more into interactive eLearning programs hosted online or accessed through native mobile applications, DDA CMT has empowered companies and medical organizations alike with experience-based education made to be memorable. Virtual medical simulations represent one of the pinnacles of DDA CMT’s pioneering role in multimedia, weaving together a rich tapestry of all its in-house digital design and development capabilities to produce online and mobile app training platforms so rewarding that trainees are compelled to return to their immersive experiences again and again. DDA CMT has also produced medical training platforms that advance knowledge in a given field by capturing real-world clinical data which can be filtered and queried for use as a research tool. The possibilities of information exchange on such comprehensive eLearning platforms is endless.


Custom eLearning platforms designed and developed by DDA CMT demonstrate a commitment to excellence in multimedia and interactivity integration that is exceedingly rare in a market flooded by those that would offer the fastest and easiest solutions. The rewards for doing it right speak for themselves: engaging eLearning experiences that speak directly to the end-user and result in deep and lasting understanding.


Illumination through interaction: that’s the power of DDA CMT.