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Interactive eLearning

The Possibilities and Conveniences for Corporate and Medical Training are Virtually Endless with DDA eLearning Systems

The Benefits of a Custom eLearning Tools and the Convenience of DDA Products

Through such virtual training techniques and methods as these eLearning platforms and the cognitive science behind them offer, users can virtually experience new procedures, equipment, practices, and medicines. Such a virtually immersive approach will take the impact of your educational message to new heights. Users can also have this enjoyable experience from a remote location such as an office, affiliated hospital, or private home since conveniences and necessities of location can be met anywhere a mobile device can go.


DDA works rigorously to ensure your custom apps and tools meet with Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard when necessary. You’ll save time, effort, and money knowing our products can integrate with any platform your organization uses, easily and effectively, with minimum cost.


Whatever the format, with DDA Corporate and Medical Training your ideas and needs, along with our state-of-the-art technology and knowledge, come together to forge a virtual training, eLearning, or simulation platform that is effective, informative, and exclusive to your organization. DDA Corporate and Medical Training brings your ideas to virtual reality. Ensure that your organization evolves with technology by contacting us for our virtual training, simulation, and app services.


Live Virtual Training

Through the educational advantage of Live Virtual Training, a plethora of new possibilities will open up to your organization. Having DDA’s professional team create a custom Live Virtual Training tool is the perfect way for your organization to stay ahead of the evolving technology of today and to meet Continuing Medical Education (CME) needs with ease. Your information and ideas can educate your target audience through innovative, immersive, and real-time interaction.


Whether your needs are for predetermined times or 24/7, a custom designed tool from DDA will get your message out. Live virtual technology-based training solutions are designed for your employees, colleagues, staff members, or trainees to capture interest, enhance learning, and encourage memory retention.


Virtual Simulations

Virtual Simulations are another great way to reach your audience with visual and audio details they’ll remember. A custom-designed virtual simulation tool from DDA CMT has obvious benefits for anyone continuing their personal education, or trying to become familiar with new medical procedures, devices, or other products. A particularly noteworthy benefit is that your users will receive closer-to-life experiences than any traditional form of education would offer thanks to the immersive environments our virtual simulations provide. The experience itself will also be much more memorable and enjoyable, especially considering the many different ways such a learning platform can be tailored with both your needs and the needs of your users in mind.


We offer all types of technology-based management and sales training tools to meet a variety of job and organizational training needs . Offering certification and accreditation and giving you the ability to track results regardless of the method of training is just another way that DDA Corporate and Medical Training helps your company to increase employee performance.