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Live Virtual Reality Corporate and Medical Training Solutions

Prepare your employees for real-life, business, and medical world challenges with the live, virtual, technology-based training solutions provided by Dynamic Digital Advertising Corporate and Medical Training (DDA CMT). From richly interactive, immersive environments that simulate actual jobs, to virtual medical simulations, to live streaming video webcasts and multimedia eLearning solutions, virtual training not only informs, but engages for better employee memory retention that meets the needs of today’s-fast-paced and mobile world.

The Possibilities for Corporate and Medical Training are Virtually Endless

Under the umbrella of virtual training, there are a variety of possibilities that are available to you. While many organizations are finding substantial benefit in virtual training games with avatars to encourage active participation, others turn to blogs and forums for internal technical support and communication on an as-needed basis. At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, we merge your ideas and needs with different types of technology-based training methods for an end product that is exclusive to your company.


As a virtual training company and corporate and medical eLearning developer, we have the capability to build sophisticated continuing medical education (CME) tools from start to finish as well as each individual component thereof. Through such virtual training techniques and methods, medical professionals are able to learn new procedures, equipment, practices, and medicines for accreditation from remote locations - in the office of their affiliated hospital or private home. Additionally, we can create highly engaging training video podcasts available for viewing through the World Wide Web or an administratively controlled company network.


Whether at predetermined times or 24/7, our live virtual technology-based training solutions are designed for your employees, colleagues, staff members, or trainees to capture interest, enhance learning, and encourage retention. For innovative sales or management training tools or effective training methods for a medical office assistant or professional, DDA Corporate and Medical Training brings your ideas to virtual reality. Ensure that your organization runs like a well-orchestrated ballet today and tomorrow by contacting us for our virtual training services.