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Audio and Narration for Corporate and Medical Training Tools

High production value sound at low cost makes for effective training materials that work for your organization’s training expenditure. At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, we are able to record audio for an innovative training video, streaming audio for webcasts in Continuing Medical Education (CME) tools, and audio for a host of different types of technology-based training methods. Whether you write the script to describe a procedure, task, or process, or you employ our copywriting services, our audio production for training tools results in well-paced, clear narration that enables your employees or trainees to hear all pertinent information. Furthermore, we offer all clients access to our Actors’ Network, which allows them to choose a professional voice-over talent that best represents their company or facility.


With so many eLearning services available under one roof at affordable prices, why would you go elsewhere for your next corporate, medical, business, or educational training initiative?

Audio Recording for Different Types of Training Methods

The microphones we employ for audio recording are used in upscale reporting, film, and broadcast applications. One of the best features of these microphones is the ability to pick up quiet signals in noisy or acoustically live environments as they discriminate against sound not emanating from the main pick-up direction. Our audio studio and isolation room are completely sound proof for the best possible narration capture. Due to our high-end equipment and professional voice-over talents, retakes are kept to a minimum so the development process is efficient and cost-effective.


Audio Mastering for Proper Sound and Effective Delivery

As the final step in the recording process, audio mastering is done to check for errors and to make the sound clearer and better. At DDA Corporate and Medical Training, audio mastering is not just a service, but an art form with many specialized techniques done by mastering engineers for the finest execution of sound. Regardless of whether you need audio recording for the narration of innovative sales, management, or medical assistant training video on CD or you’re using audio in online training, our audio production for training tools is unparalleled. Contact us and see how our effective techniques and methods for corporate, medical, and business training materials will benefit your employees and their job, as well as your organization at large.