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Search Engine Marketing and Website Optimization — Vol. 6

What you don't know CAN hurt you!

Did you know one of the biggest challenges today's marketing executives face is learning to compete in the digital marketplace? And, one of the biggest mistakes many small business marketers make is failing to maximize the marketing value of their company's website through search engine optimization.

Are you aware that 91% of consumers get information from the Internet when making a buying decision, and 85% of all visits to websites originate through a search engine?Do the math. If eight out of ten qualified potential buyers of your company's goods or services are being guided by a search engine's results list, and your company's name does not appear on that list, you could have a serious marketing problem.

Do your competitors search engine optimize their websites?Considering the probability of lost opportunities, you'd think most companies would make website development and search engine optimization a priority. In reality, only a very small fraction of all websites are developed and optimized for the search engines to find them. A lot of companies don't know their websites can rank higher in search results because they don't understand how the search engines and search engine optimization works. DDA can tell you if your competitors are optimizing.

Do you know how the search engines work?Actually, it is difficult for anyone to know exactly how the major search engines operate. They are very secretive about the precise algorithms used to rank websites, and their formulas appear to change regularly. What is commonly known is that search engines use automated programs called spiders to continuously "crawl" the World Wide Web and retrieve data from web pages. The data is analyzed and indexed based on various criteria like structure, content, link value and other encoded information.

When a web searcher enters search words at a search engine site, those words are compared to the search engine's index. The best matches are returned in the order the search engine deems "best results." If your website hasn't been optimized, it definitely won't show up on the first several pages of best results, and it may not show up at all. But, if you have a thoroughly optimized site, your website will likely be listed in the top ten results.

Do you know how your website currently ranks on the major search engines? If you're a SureThing™ client, you should already know. If not, here's how you can find out. First, identify two or three words or phrases that potential customers would use when searching the Internet for products or services provided by your company. Now, go to www.Google.com and do a search on each of the words or phrases. Where does your company stand in the rankings? Equally important, where do your competitors rank?

What do you know about Search Engine Optimizers? Not all search engine optimizers are created equal. There are thousands of companies who say they can optimize websites, probably hundreds who really can, and just as many more that will charge exorbitant fees for minimal results. These are the things you should know about your SEO:

  1. How does their own website rank with the search engines? When you search for "digital advertising" on any of the major search engines, Dynamic Digital Advertising appears #1 in the search results—every time. more
  2. Are they knowledgeable and experienced in search engine optimization and digital technology? Dynamic Digital Advertising was one of the first totally digital advertising agencies in the United States. For more than a decade, we have been providing website services and digital solutions to companies of all sizes. more
  3. How do their clients' websites rank with the search engines? DDA's clients enrolled in the SureThing™ Search Engine Program average 135 rankings in the top 10 positions on the major search engines like Yahoo and Google. more
  4. Is your SEO responsive to your questions and concerns? We will always respond quickly to your needs—we respect that your time is valuable, and all projects are timely. Call or e-mail us today.
  5. Do their keyword suggestions really match the words or phrases your potential customers would search? At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we conduct in-depth keyword research to make sure the optimization keywords and phrases we develop match the terms most searched by those looking for the products and services your company provides. more
  6. How does their fee structure compare to other SEOs? We know of companies that charge between $5,000 and $15,000 a month for search engine optimization. We just don't know why. For only $129 a month, Dynamic Digital Advertising can apply the same methodology to your website that secures our #1 ranking, and you'll also get free hosting and two monthly reports. more
  7. Do they make honest and reasonable promises? At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we work for you. We strive to develop seamless partnerships with all of our clients, and we'll work hard to achieve a level of mutual trust and confidence that will make you feel like Dynamic Digital Advertising is an extension of your own marketing department. We don't use account executives to filter your information—you communicate directly with our creative staff. We use an innovative tracking system to account for every penny we bill—you always know, from start to finish, exactly what you're paying for. We integrate expert marketing and corporate identity branding into every DDA project with no additional cost to you, so you always get more than you pay for. We stay on top of digital technology so you can stay ahead of your competition.

When Dynamic Digital Advertising Search Engine Optimizes your website, you get higher rankings, you get more website traffic, you generate more leads, and you have mastered one of the biggest challenges of Marketing in the 21st Century.

Video captures attention and frames information in narrative, character-driven structure that helps keep viewers engaged. That’s why video-based medical eLearning platforms are an excellent way to teach complex medical topics and ensure full comprehension. DDA was one of the first digital video/animation studios in the nation, and its long history in developing video-based medical eLearning platforms has given the company the experience it takes to create powerful learning experiences that are enjoyable and lead to long-term memory retention. DDA handles everything from concept to completion, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, platform design, course content integration, metrics reporting, administration features, and anything else that may be required. Make your video-based eLearning a success. Contact DDA today.

Specializing in professional custom website design and website development for an unlimited number of companies, Dynamic Digital Advertising utilizes a hybrid website design process for constructing powerful organic websites. Organic websites receive more visits than their pay-per-click counterparts because they are search engine optimized. DDA website designers build in powerful levels of search engine optimization that make DDA-designed websites rank on top of major search engines for a host of researched keywords that result in large numbers of website visitors who are interested in purchasing your company's products of services.

Are you looking for a famous graphic design firm who can provide virtually graphic design or digital marketing necessary for survival in today’s antagonistic marketplace? Dynamic Digital Advertising is that graphic design firm. DDA has one of the most extensive graphic design service listings in the United States and is proud to provide any type of digital marketing service. These services include trade show graphic design, brochure and business card graphic design, web graphic design, interactive DVDs or CD-ROMs, virtual reality, and much more.

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