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Customer Relationship Management Software by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s custom-designed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software services are developed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of professional sales and marketing forces. If your company is like most businesses, a large portion of your funds is invested in your advertising expenditure. From Internet to television to print to billboards, advertisements constantly bombard your potential customers which requires that you find the most effective system for promoting your products and services. Web-based CRM software solutions help you manage a sales force more effectively and utilize a budget more efficiently in order to generate the higher ROI ratios that increase your company’s profitability.

Custom CRM Solutions for Marketing and Promotion
Electronic customer relationship management systems by Dynamic Digital Advertising are customized according to the needs of your sales force so you have control over all aspects of promotion and marketing efforts within your company. It is likely that your target markets are diverse industry segments which require frequent and effective communication through various media. As a result there is a demand for higher customer response rates as well as increasing strain on your marketing budget. DDA creates professional CRM tools to increase the effectiveness of sales forces by linking their efforts and activities within a central portal which allows you to monitor and control announcements, sales activities, reports, HRA files, uploads, downloads, broadcasts, requests, and more.

Some examples of what Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Customer Relationship Management databases, software, and systems can do include:

SALES ACTIVITIES maintain a record of sales team’s efforts. An employee enters a sales activity, is able to view sales process information and file a report recording activity. All sales activities are documented within this area and are ready for viewing by other employees and managers. Dynamic Digital Advertising can build layers of security to limit access as clients’ needs dictate.

QUOTATIONS let employees submit quotes, access and view others’ quotes, search for and edit quotes, or file final reports. Quotes can be converted into a PDF file or word document and then emailed directly through the CRM software. Dynamic Digital Advertising can also construct password-enabled layers of security for viewing or editing quotes.

REGIONAL EVENTS planning and scheduling tools are useful for establishing person-to-person contact and educating potential buyers on the benefits of your products or services. Whether hosting a seminar that highlights the benefits of a particular service or presenting a new product launch, employees can submit event requests and their budget requirements as well as view the events scheduled by their coworkers, make final reports, and more, all through the security of a corporate Internet portal.

BROADCASTS can be separated into a New section and an Archives section. From power point slides and financial meetings to corporate presentations and board meetings displayed through streaming video and live webcasts, employees can access archives to participate from remote locations or view missed presentations and meetings.

DOWNLOADS sections can be constructed with multiple layers of security to control access to the documents of different departments. This section allows employees from different departments to access and print documents without having to make time-consuming requests to other departments.

HELP SECTIONS are designed to save your technical support team’s time. Frequently Asked Questions, technical updates, knowledge bases, and problem submittals let employees fix minor problems themselves and save time for your support team.

Dynamic Digital Advertising understands the specialized marketing and promotion needs of businesses today. Whether your company needs CRM with multiple layers of security or a help section to assist your employees, DDA’s CRM software helps you increase the efficiency and productivity of your marketing and sales forces. Dynamic Digital Advertising was founded in 1994 in the greater Philadelphia area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We serve clients across the United States as well as in the Northeastern states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Delaware, and Maryland.

Augmented reality is poised to transform how we learn and interact with the world around us. With the recent development of augmented reality platforms for Apple and Android mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and eyewear), design and development of custom AR mobile applications is within reach to more organizations than ever before. Augmented reality takes the view around a mobile device’s camera and adds custom graphics, animations, and text to augment the view with additional information that responds to the surrounding environment. Graphics, animations, and other information is presented within context of the real-world view. Augmented reality is thus positioned to be a perfect training tool, capable of providing sequential direction for the manipulation of real objects in real-time, while offering additional information for deeper insights. Augmented reality can also be used to recognize people and objects, which can be used to access relevant medical records, treatment plans, or more. Augmented reality grants most of the benefits of live, one-on-one experiential training to mobile applications, and can thus be used to broaden the reach of training programs while keeping demand on human resources minimal. Contact DDA today to learn how augmented reality can benefit your organization.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a professional custom website design company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is committed to helping its clients in the new era of search engine marketing. Strong natural search engine marketing tactics have been inextricably linked with our custom website design and development process, which benefits our clients by providing a strong optimization platform. A strong optimization platform builds higher search engine rankings on major Internet entities such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, and helps earn websites higher levels of targeted visitor traffic.

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The premier graphic design firm of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas, Dynamic Digital Advertising, provides clients with state-of-the-art graphic design technology, perfect for developing attention-grabbing trade show displays. DDA provides graphic design for trade show booths, banners, table covers, posters, and digital videos. The result is a trade show display that attracts large numbers of a targeted audience: everyone from investors to competitors. Trade show graphics by Dynamic Digital Advertising utilize many important graphic design tools such as digital photography and illustration.

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