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DDA Firsts    First - Noun, thing that has never before been achieved or attained


In this fast paced, always connected, and everything-happening-at-once world we live in, there are layer upon layer of trends that permeate our lives, dictate our future, and continually challenge the things that we know and understand.

Of course the big picture trends include such things as outsourcing, globalization, and connectivity. The reality is that everything and everyone is caught up in a whirlwind of ever-moving, ever-changing, ever-increasing trends. There are fashion trends, medical trends, manufacturing trends, religious trends, educational trends, the much feared economic trends, the much criticized dietary trends, and of course the sometimes frivolous and often amusing celebrity trends. In advertising, there are website design trends, video production trends, custom programming trends, animation trends, graphic design trends, copy writing style trends, and even color trends.

There is one trend that has been engaged and evolving since man first walked the Earth. Innovation! It is the granddaddy of all other trends, the foundation of all civilizations, and both the savior and perhaps ultimately the destroyer of mankind itself.

DDA holds the belief that modern civilization is focused on measuring the wrong things. We measure countries, wealth, gross national product, population, the number of sick, the starving, the oppressed, the free, opinions, viewers, visitors, customers, travelers, manufacturing numbers, consumer indexes, etc. We even spend a great deal of time measuring trends - where they started, where they are today, where they are going.

Perhaps we should measure innovation. Innovation determines which individuals prosper, which companies succeed, which countries grow, what groups become healthier, and ultimately, which civilizations rise and fall.

At DDA, we focus on innovation and intuitively understand that everything else follows, because everything else is just a trend.

One of the First Totally Digital Advertising Agencies in the U.S.

The first Digital Photography Studio in Pennsylvania

DDA digitally photographs product, designs, programs, and launches one of the first online Jewelry sites. Chains-and-charms.com is still one of the leading online retailers of charm jewelry.

One of the first Search Engine Optimization Companies in the U.S.

One of the first Animation Studios in Pennsylvania

Virtual reality by DDA. Using 3D models DDA creates framedoils.com, an online shopping mall on a virtual island featuring 3D buildings that represent, and offer for sale, a variety of different styles of oil paintings. A Great idea, but too far ahead of its time.

Built in 1998, programmed, hosted and maintained by DDA for a Military Contractor and the Marine Corps, this database driven website was, we believe, the first online military development site of its kind. With thousands of technical documents, interactive functionality, full administrative control and three levels of security, it was, and remains today, state-of-the-art.

Perhaps the first professional web developer with an in-house video studio.

DDA Sports. One of the first flash animated interactive games is designed and launched.

Digi Islands. DDA's vision of a virtual vacation. Fully developed, Digi Islands would offer a complete virtual vacation experience. Still a great idea!

The first melding of custom website development with organic search engine optimization into a hybrid optimized website development process.

DDA's animation studio creates Major Drumstick, the Turkey mascot for Philadelphia's ABC/ Boscovs Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Sure-Thing Search Engine optimization program, which had existed years before, is opened up to companies not developing their websites at DDA. This $129 per month retrofit program makes high-end search engine optimization available for all companies.

Early use of Shockwave/Flash/3D to create a virtual world. The DDA Digital Agency-of-the-Future allow even visitors on dial-up to visit and navigate through eight Digital Advertising production areas in this futuristic 3d virtual environment.

One of the first custom website developers offering search engine optimization copywriting by in-house staff writers.

Launch of prostate-cancer.com one of the premier health care destinations online. Over six hundred pages of optimized medical writing by DDA staff. The prostate-cancer.com site also Introduced the "Grid Navigation System" designed and developed by DDA. Patent applied for.

DDA Medical. After many years of involvement in medical marketing and advertising, DDA introduced a new division, DDA Medical, to serve the healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in medical community. All corporate services are offered, but they are tailored to the unique needs that the medical field presents.

One of the first (perhaps the only) PowerPoint Generators. Designed and programmed by DDA, this custom software can sort, select and configure PowerPoint slides into a separate, unique, fully functional PowerPoint presentation.

Onlivemation™. DDA Medical’s website features four hybrid Video/Flash animations wherein a live model interacts with animated silhouettes, live links, and the website elements outside of the video vignette area in a 2D animated environment. Combining multiple technologies to create new capabilities is what DDA does best.

Magic Layers™. DDA introduces a layered information architecture that allows viewers to instantaneously access any number of layers of additional information that present upon roll over and contain supporting or defining data about the front page it resides behind.

The Oncura trade show display concept, design and installation by DDA Medical occupied three exhibit spaces, totaling 3,800 square feet, at the American Urological Association's annual trade show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Clearly the most radical display at the trade show, Oncura's booth featured twenty-five cryoneedles measuring 21-ft tall and topped off with 5-ft iceballs, representations of the company's patented, break-through prostate and renal cancer treatment. Seventeen LCD and two plasma screens were positioned around Oncura's booths and played a video scripted, animated, edited, and produced by Dynamic Digital Advertising.

Basic lithographic printing has not changed in the last 150 years, but DDA’s long history of work with color theory and offset print technology allows it to blend four process colors of Cyan, Magenta, Black, and Yellow into 50,000+ colors with great precision. In 2007, DDA designed and color manipulated a Grout Sample Card for Starquartz that produced 30 color chips with color correct precision similar to that achieved by much more expensive paint chip printing technology, which can cost ten times as much. Color Critical Print, the DDA way.

Corporate and Medical videos will never be the same with the DDA Video Showcase, introduced in 2007. From training and promotional to entertaining and educational, videos developed by DDA are a cut above the rest. The showcase is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before with a gallery of 30 different video categories from which to choose, live spokesperson actors in front of and interacting with a virtual stage explaining DDA’s proprietary process and services, and a network of professional, highly skilled actors and actresses. While visiting the Showcase, make it a point to browse BYOV where you can start to Build Your Own Video with an interactive Request for Proposal (RFP).

Slightly depressed, semi-suicidal Inside-out Man is a new type of superhero, fighting the world’s enemies alongside such greats as Batman and Superman.  After laser-induced light energy transportation caused him to dematerialize and reassemble with his organs outside of his body, he has now become the ultimate Organ Donor™.  His viral marketing campaign can be found on social networking sites like YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook, as well as his own site, www.insideoutman.com. As a 3D superhero, he has sparked user interest and prompted people to be an outside influence. Some people where their heart on their sleeve, Inside-out Man wears his heart on his chest.

Every year Goldline Research investigates and evaluates thousands of professional service providers across the country to determine "The Most Dependable" among a specific service industry. 2008 marks the first year Goldline has selected The Top Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S., and Dynamic Digital Advertising is on the list. After undergoing Goldline Research's stringent selection process, meeting their comprehensive criteria, and receiving great reviews from reference checks with many of our clients, Goldline Research presented us with this prestigious unsolicited award. We're proud to say that after pioneering ethical search engine marketing practices in 1996 and improving and evolving them ever since, we've been acknowledged within the industry as one of "The Top Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the U.S.".

To promote a better understanding of the technical and creative members that comprise our staff, DDA has expanded our Meet DDA area to include text and video blogs. Now, not only can you view a hand-drawn illustration, done by one of our graphic artists, of each member of our team, you can read their blogs, which range in topic from daily projects to weekend excursions, and you can watch a video vignette of each DDA staff professional. Corporate blogs are not new, video testimonials are fairly common, and illustrations are a well-known design aesthetic. What makes Meet DDA different is the unique integration of illustration, text, and video to help you get to know each of us on a personal and individual level. We want you to feel comfortable working with us whether it’s your first project and your business is based across the globe, or it’s your fifth project and your business is based around the corner.

DDA merges an animated character and a live actor with seamless interaction in video vignettes for the DDA Corporate and Medical Training (DDA CMT) website. DDA animators have years of experience in producing 2D and 3D animation for a variety of projects, and our videographers film professional actors from the DDA Actor’s Network on a regular basis. Once again, DDA has successfully married the two types of technology in a way that is unique, innovative, and fun. Through this project, we are also introducing the concept of an Intelligent Spokesperson™, which is a video guide to help users intuitively, and in a video-based way, navigate to areas of importance on CD-ROMs, DVDs, websites, intranets, and much more. An Intelligent Spokesperson™ can be applied to technology-based training programs explaining complex procedures, or to interactive websites promoting a product or service. Through a hybrid, step-by-step approach, the Intelligent Spokesperson™ will help you and your customers, clients, or patients get to where you or they want to go.

DDA takes real-world experiences and information, and blends them into an engaging interactive environment in the HPV web-based tool DDA Medical developed for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP). The first of its kind, this tool allows users to immerse themselves in a comfortable online medical office environment that mimics a friendly, private consultation one would have in real life. Through custom ActionScript programming and Flash animation, magazines come forward from the wall rack with informative articles and corresponding physician videos that guide users through the tool and elaborate on the user-chosen topic. The tool gives users access to gender- and age-specific information on HPV prevention and treatment, so that they have an online experience that’s tailored to their true-life needs. Watching this at home may just be the ultimate redefinition of the virtual physician house call.

DDA takes coffee breaks to the next level by making them virtual through Coffee with DDA. Choose your brew – Coffee or Cappuccino – add sugar, select a sweet treat, take a sip, sit back, and learn about DDA’s full service offering to promote your organization’s facilities, products, or services. At the end, contact us to find out how our services can be combined and integrated to form an end result that drives business growth. In one short coffee break, you get all the information you need to pick up the phone or send an email to schedule a meeting or conference call and get the ball rolling on your next successful advertising project. This is one coffee break that includes everything but the caffeine.

Visit trade show booths of your chosen industry or favorite products without ever leaving the office with virtual trade shows from DDA. In 2008, DDA created an interactive online trade show booth for Dorman Products, one of the nation’s leading aftermarket automotive parts manufacturers. Featured are over 50 individual product panels that, when selected, zoom forward for an enlarged view of information, ranging from product information sheets and sell sheets to videos, audio, and more. DDA’s virtual trade show for Dorman Products comes equipped with a tracking mechanism for managers to track the show’s traffic, the information accessed by each user, and the click-through rate, as well as an administrative content management system for managers to update images, panels, and downloadable materials as needed.

DDA allows users to upload their future by uploading videos of past performances in a variety of sports. TheNextIcon.com was created by DDA to connect student athletes with collegiate and pro scouts to secure scholarships or full-time careers in professional sports. Among the long list of DDA’s services utilized to build the site was complex programming for profile, search, wish list, and communication tools, as well as a video upload feature that gave users the opportunity to submit highlight clips in nearly any video format from major games or practices. After submission, the clips automatically convert to the appropriate format for proper viewing on the site, are attached to the user’s profile, and may be selected by website administrators for inclusion on the dynamic front page “video wall” as a feature reel for visitors entering on the home page.

To demonstrate the innate power and innovative possibilities of social networking websites, DDA created one of its own called YouBetMyLife.com (also referred to as YBML). Create your own bet or place bets on people’s goals and problems, celebrities’ lives, politics, sports, predictions, surveys, polls, and anything without spending a dime. All bets are placed using YBML currency known as Bettys and it’s free to join. There is no marketing campaign associated to YBML, so its growth is solely dependent on continually expanding usership. DDA doesn’t thrive by the motto, “Build it and they will come.”, but rather “Be innovative and build it with advanced technological tools and they will come, share with friends and family, and create a community with like-minded goals.”

As the need for comprehensive eLearning platforms for medical and corporate education and training increases, DDA is always innovating new ways to present information in the most user-friendly, engaging, and entertaining way possible. From that need, our Synchronous MediaT technology was born, taking online training and education tools to a whole new level and maximizing information retention. With multiple layers of information synched together, key messages and facts are reinforced over and over again, through the use of video, animation, text, images, and supporting documents. All information can be viewed at one time in one place, as the user wishes. Used in many different applications, our Synchronous MediaT technology has endless possibilities. By providing users with multiple ways to absorb information, we are increasing effectiveness and creating immersive interactive experiences that create lasting memories in the minds of users. The DDA Medical website, demonstrates the Synchronous MediaT technology in action.

Ready to outsource your next marketing or advertising initiative, but want to see examples of similar work before you make your decision on what firm to utilize? Nowhere else can you find a featured advertising project portfolio like the DDA Grid™. This grid-based project showcase puts the ever-expanding featured project portfolio in your control by allowing you to view by image, project title, or year created, and sort by age, services employed, market application, or a random selection. Simply rollover project blocks to view enlarged images and brief information, and click for more detailed information with links for services utilized to learn more about what DDA can do for you. The DDA Grid™ is equipped with links to our five other online portfolios and additional information relevant to DDA’s extreme capabilities and innovative approaches that can assist you in your outsource decision.

DDA has revolutionized website design yet again with the launch of the DDA SmartSite™  for DDA Medical in the spring of 2009. Based on DDA's innovative synchronous media development, the entire website, with the exception of the "My Library" feature, is viewable from one page. This includes more than 200 pages of content, more than 50 integrated videos, and more than 200 portfolio samples across 200 service areas. You can see it all without ever navigating from the homepage. All sections include synched video, text, and samples, completely controlled by you. Close and reopen the video, text, or sample modules as you see fit to view any combination of the three. Scroll through samples of projects we've created in any of our service areas without ever interrupting the video or text you're watching at that moment. With the "My Library" feature, you can save videos, text, and samples for easy reference at a later date or to e-mail to a friend or colleague. Just click on the "Add to My Library" button and the link to that page or sample image is saved in a personal library area, accessible only to you and available at every subsequent visit, with no log-in or registration required. Never before has it been so easy to learn so much in so little time and as exactly as you want.

DDA has yet again proven itself as a leader, pioneer, and innovator, by being one of the first to offer an emerging technology in marketing and advertising and demonstrating that capability with a video that skirts the line between virtual and reality. Using augmented reality technologies, we’ve created a version of DDA in 60 Seconds that makes the viewer the star of the show. Anyone with a webcam can visit DDA’s website and within seconds see live footage of themselves featured throughout the fast-paced, fun, and entertaining video on DDA and all of its divisions. Flying through the air, bouncing on the ground, and falling from a tree, your video image in real time will be visible from beginning to end. So make a face, smile, or sit back and enjoy the view while taking a peek at what’s sure to be the next big wave in marketing and advertising – augmented reality – with DDA once again leading the way. Check out DDA in 60 Seconds here and wait until the end of the video to take a look at the augmented reality version.

DDA's Synch-LockT technology was originally developed for the MBSImP eLearning platform, which DDA Medical built for three doctors from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Saint Joseph's Voice & Swallowing Center, and John Hopkins University. The interactive eLearning portal teaches and trains physicians on a revolutionary new method for the assessment for swallowing disorders, created by our clients, and features 73 animations, developed from scratch by DDA, that are synched with fluoroscopy video, a testing area with certification, and a database, also being built by DDA, where doctors can record patient findings after they have received certification and access. DDA created the Synch-LockT capability so users can view the videos separately, or choose one of three different animation views to synch with the fluoroscopy video. This allows for an enhanced learning experience, allowing physicians to see angles that are not possible in real life, coordinated exactly with the actual swallow videos. The DDA Synch-LockT technology can be applied to other applications as well, where side-by-side, unison viewing would be beneficial and add to the overall learning experience.

2009dda medical virtual medical simulations article
DDA is changing the meaning of simulations, and redefining medical education in the process. DDA's Virtual Medical Simulations put the learning in the hands of clinicians, involving them in the process versus the traditional method of show and tell. Unlike simulation technology that's used in the classroom or operating room, DDA's Virtual Medical Simulations are 100% web-based, allowing the user to virtually perform a procedure, operate equipment, or undertake any other required task. Built as part of comprehensive eLearning platforms or as standalone tools, DDA's Virtual Medical Simulations save time and money, allow physicians to repeat tasks over and over again, thereby increasing retention and effectiveness, and spread awareness about a new procedure or treatment. Allow clinicians to become familiar and practiced with a procedure or process before performing it in real life, in a setting that's most comfortable for them. Virtual Medical Simulations are perfect for breaking down complex processes, introducing new treatments, familiarizing clinicians on all aspects of a procedure, and for recertification and reinforcing training. Using embedded video, screen captures, animations, and advanced programming, DDA creates wholly immersive, interactive, and incredibly effective online Virtual Medical Simulations. DDA also develops simulation testing, requiring physicians to virtually perform a task or entire procedure on their own in order to receive certification or accreditation. Don't leave medical training and education up to chance; when you involve clinicians in the process, success is only a few clicks away.

Philips Healthcare needed an effective and innovative way to train physicians on their complete XperCT and XperGuide procedures. Their standard classroom/PowerPoint education wasn't cutting it, so they turned to DDA Medical and our advanced state-of-the-art virtual medical simulations. Once they saw a demo of our work, Philips knew instantly that was the solution for which they'd been searching. No other company they'd seen had created anything near the level of interactivity and innovation that DDA Medical had. Through a combination of video, animation, audio narration, still photography, and 3D models, DDA Medical created Philip's futuristic virtual lab environment. In this lab, physicians are able to virtually perform the procedure through an active simulation. A video introduction and passive simulation prepares users by walking them through the procedure step-by-step, before giving them the tools to do it on their own. One of Philips' biggest hurdles is in getting physicians to show interest in and train quickly and effectively on the equipment associated with the procedure. This simulation provides physicians with a hands-on introduction to all medical equipment involved in a Philips interventional suite and allows them to learn and train in a life-like environment in the comfort of their office or home. By giving physicians control over the learning experience in a much-more visually interesting and engaging way, Philips has the ability to increase the rate of retention, interest, and effectiveness. The potential this tool has in training, not only physicians, but sales representatives, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare professionals, cannot be overstated. It's revolutionizing Philips' training methods, reducing training costs, and providing a higher level of preparedness and understanding that will benefit the patients, clinicians, and Philips.

When the Medical University of South Carolina decided that it needed a new and effective way to train doctors on how to assess swallowing disorders, they turned to DDA Medical. By combining an eLearning platform with 73 embedded fluoroscopy videos and synchronized 3D animations each, with additional content and narrations to boot, physicians can easily learn new methods of understanding such illnesses. DDA also included dozens of studies in the platform as well as a program to practice their knowledge and demonstrate reliable performance in the use of knowledge gained. Once the reliability testing is passed, physicians will be able to report and share information on a private patient database.

MCS Healthcare Public Relations had a client who had recently developed a new drug to treat heart disease. MCS was looking for a unique, mobile-compatible online application to help their client gain a deeper understanding of media reactions to the new drug during the upcoming American Heart Association’s 2011 Scientific Sessions convention. This online application would allow MCS Healthcare’s client to collect and organize news reports and other online materials in such a way that they would have no trouble finding the information they needed organized in the exact way they wanted. Operating under a tight three week deadline, DDA went to work, offering its custom designs and programming to create a tool that gave MCS and their client the ability to post reports and articles, arrange these chronologically, and sort through them using 10 dynamic variables that can be redefined by the user.

The tool also included a graphing function that visually represents the presence of these user-defined variables in a constantly expanding database of articles and social media postings. These graphs automatically update themselves whenever new materials are posted to this database. Furthermore, the experienced programmers at DDA built out an impressive administrative back-end that allows an administrator to post and edit new articles and social media postings with the appropriate contact information, variables, and time stamps, generate new passwords with differing accessibility levels, and create a image library to post images along with articles. The tool also includes advanced metrics reporting, detailing which passwords have accessed which articles and at which times.

MCS and their client received the tool enthusiastically, and with these advanced capabilities delivered on such a tight deadline, it is no wonder that MCS decided soon after to further develop the tool to add even greater depth so that they could use the tool with more of their subsequent healthcare industry clients in the future.

The Tabby Awards recognizes the latest business apps and serves as the only competition for this purpose. International tablet professionals review apps submitted from all over the world. The apps are judged on overall concept, speed, navigation, design, innovation, function, ease, performance, and end value for the user. The app that is chosen as the winner exceeds expectations in each category and subsequently gains global recognition. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) developed the XperGuide iPad® app for Philips Healthcare based on its online version of the XperGuide eLearning tool. The XperGuide app was awarded the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare App of 2012. A rich virtual environment that had the look and feel of a lab and an operating room was carried over to the mobile version and users could effortlessly interact with the virtual Philips XperGuide and XperCT systems. Innovative software and design allowed custom virtual medical simulation (VMS) programming to help healthcare professionals easily learn how to use the equipment in a safe way. The tool proved to be a valuable learning resource for healthcare professionals as well as Philips. DDA programmers added a custom administrative area that allowed Philips to track how the tool was being used. Philips could measure the success of a business in helping healthcare professionals understand the new equipment. The XperGuide VMS eLearning app was well-received by healthcare professionals and Philips. Philips chose the XperGuide eLearning tool as a Best in Class for iPad Apps in 2012.

Philadelphia's professional web site design services are provided by Dynamic Digital Advertising who relies on a complex and exhaustive custom website development process of fourteen distinct steps. Each step is systematically and professionally executed by an experienced professional on DDA’s website design team. Search engine optimization technicians, market research specialists, graphic design artists, copywriters, videographers, and programmers are just a few of the many experts who engage in the custom website design process for the purpose of building a powerful tool that puts your website on the front search engine pages.

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As one of the top graphic design companies in the nation, Dynamic Digital Advertising has established a graphic design department capable of handing everything from aesthetic website design to virtual reality. Aesthetic custom website design is important for impressing an audience. DDA graphic designers will create an industry-specific design that sends the message of professionalism and competence. Virtual reality, available for websites, CD-ROM, or DVD, creates an interactive world that promotes your products or services.

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