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In 2006, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) received the esteemed Aesculapius Award for the website design and development of www.not-2-late.com, consumer information website owned by Princeton University and the Association of Reproductive Professionals (ARHP). Given by the Health Improvement Institute (HII) which is partnered with Consumer Reports, the Aesculapius Award is granted to one PSA and one website per year that make strides in communicating health information to the general public. DDA acquired a second unsolicited award from OBGYN.net in 2007 for outstanding achievement in custom website design for the very same website. Even as a leading website design and development company, DDA never applies for awards as much of the award industry has in many ways has become a commercialized money-making scheme. To receive two unsolicited awards of this stature and prestige is quite an honor.

Pushing the Envelope in Video
DDA reinvents corporate and medical videos by introducing the DDA Video Showcase in 2007. With a gallery of 30 different video categories from which to choose, live spokesperson actors in front of and interacting with a virtual stage explaining our proprietary process and services, and a network of professional, highly-skilled actors and actresses, the DDA Video Showcase is not to be missed. And be sure to check out BYOV where you can interactively begin the process to Build Your Own Video. We have always believed that video should be an integral part of an organizations arsenal of interactive promotional and educational tools. From websites with animated 2D and 3D animation or live actor integrated video introductions to CD-ROMS with sophisticated training video modules, DDA has the capability to conceptualize, produce, and implement anything imaginable. As a full-service video production company, we do it all: scriptwriting, casting, filming, editing, streaming for the web, and/or CD-ROM/DVD replication and duplication.

Meet DDA without Leaving your Office
For the first time, DDA has illustrated the members of our staff so clients located close to or far from our office can put a face to a name. With a client base that stretches nationally and internationally, is it often difficult to travel and meet in person. Consequently, we felt it important to provide our website visitors with a visual representation of each employee. Not wanting to incorporate run-of-the-mill "staged" pictures, we took a creative approach and asked our DDA illustrators to interpret their colleagues. Each image is an interpretive caricature and captures an essence that is special or unique to everyone in the DDA team. Without getting up from your desk, Meet DDA and find out who the talent is behind the work.

Big Names Find DDA
From engaging promotional CD-ROMs/DVDs for Warner Brothers and L'Oreal to interactive Continuing Medical Education (CME) training portals for big pharmaceutical organizations like GlaxoSmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim, DDA works with organizations known worldwide. While small and medium size businesses are and will forever be our mainstay, it is exciting to acquire work from companies that are fierce competitors in their particular industry. Producing creative, integrated, and interactive tools for businesses large and small provides us a different perspective and demonstrates our range of experience.

From Wordsmith to Full-fledged Copywriting Department
DDA is pleased to announce that due to the recent success of numerous copywriting projects, in order to meet demand we have increased the size of our writing department three-fold. Our in-house team, comprised of degreed writers who are skilled in medical, technical, and creative writing, generates effective online and offline results for a wide variety of clients and industries. Convey a strong corporate statement in a newsletter, highlight the features of your products or services in a direct mail piece, explain your future direction in a video, and strive for the highest search engine rankings possible with DDA's general and optimized copywriting services. Contact us to see how we can help ensure that your message is received well and that your results exceed your expectations.

DDA Opens New Doors with Andersen® Windows Website
When Andersen® Windows affiliates came to Dynamic Digital Advertising with a need for a search marketing website to drive their business, DDA rose to the challenge. A total of 300 pages were written in house by our degreed staff of writers to ensure that the website is highly search engine optimized and localized to the individual distributor's distinct regional area. More and more distributors are jumping on board because they see the significant effect a DDA optimized website can have on their financial growth now and long term.

Broadcast TV Commercial
DDA Video created a 30 second, national broadcast television commercial for Vsurance, the nation's largest pet insurance provider. DDA's illustrators, animators, videographers, and audio technicians captured live footage in Times Square, and created animated characters enjoying a fun, but dangerous romp through New York's packed tourist area. If you haven't already seen the escapades of Madison, the prissy Chihuahua, and Brooklyn, the macho Bullmastiff, click here to view their 30 second adventure.

Inside-out Man is now at Home on YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook
The semi-suicidal, totally unique, and somewhat startling Inside-out Man Super Hero has sparked interest and become an effective part of DDA's viral marketing, self promotion campaign. Inside-out Man is created in 3D and endowed with his organs outside of his body as a result of laser induced light energy transportation, which caused dematerialization and reassembly. Inside-out Man is alive and well and not only lives on the social networking sites, but can be found at www.insideoutman.com. To rest assured that he'll be alright, post comments about your vision of his super powers and future good deeds. And, remember, Inside-out Man is the ultimate organ donor™.

DDA's Power Pyramid is Power Personified
The Power Pyramid was developed to showcase a select group of companies that DDA has worked with to create marketing themes that serve as a strong foundation and carry through all forms of media. This interactive tool demonstrates our capabilities extending across the board in advertising that helps companies of all sizes and industries reach the point at which they become top competitors in their market. Whether your company needs a facelift, new image, or complete branding overhaul, we can create a central concept that lends itself from websites and CD-ROMs to trade show displays and brochures. Take the power into your own hands and contact DDA to see how we can transform your business.

A professional website design service offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising is keyword research. Keyword research is an important part within the fourteen-step custom website design and development process created at DDA. Keyword research targets the navigation of a website as well as the development of the content. Professional websites designed and developed by DDA use a large variety of keywords and keyword phrases for the purpose of providing the exact information that your searchers want to see. Once Dynamic Digital Advertising finds the right keywords, DDA constructs the website that helps connect your customers to your company.

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Companies who need CD-ROM graphic design should contact Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s premier graphic design company. Dynamic Digital Advertising offers one of the largest and most diverse service offerings in the United States: DDA’s graphic design department is no exception. With access to talented copywriters, digital photographers, and programmers, DDA creates CD-ROMs that feature interactive multimedia that engage your audience while actively presenting more information on your company’s products or services. CD-ROM graphic design also encompasses unique packaging options so that the high-tech media on the inside is reflected by the high-end graphic design on the outside.

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