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As early as 1996, before terms like search engine optimization (SEO), keywords, and page rank were added to the American business vernacular, DDA was already pioneering and implementing SEO strategies, and, in fact, coined phrases of our own that now appear to be permeating the industry. In 2008, DDA is considered an expert in the Internet and search engine marketing industry and has acquired the title of One of the Top Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms in the US by Goldline Research. Out of the 100,000-plus search engine marketing firms in the US alone, Goldline Research narrowed their selection list down to a few hundred that they deemed capable enough to undergo the stringent screening and qualifying process. The hundreds of firms on this list, DDA included, were required to meet Goldline’s criteria - exceed industry standards for professionalism, maintain an excellent record of ethical business dealings, be among the best services providers in the industry, and provide a time-tested track record of success. After being extensively interviewed and researched, DDA was selected as one of Goldline’s top ten picks. We’re proud to announce this unsolicited award, but prouder still of the first-page rankings we achieve for our clients’ websites on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Formalization of Four New Divisions at DDA
Since 1994, DDA has been expanding our advertising service offering, building and improving on capabilities with technological advancements and in-house skill. The past few years, we have worked to categorize services and formalize divisions, making it easier than ever before for our clients to find exactly what they want and need. We introduced the DDA Medical division in 2005, servicing the advertising and marketing initiatives of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, healthcare professionals, and medical device manufacturers. Then, we reinvented the corporate and medical video production process with DDA Video.

In an effort to further cater to client need, we have formalized four new divisions: DDA SEM, DDA APPS, DDA CMT, and DDA USA. DDA SEM offers all forms of Internet and search engine marketing to get clients the Biggest Rank for the Buck™. DDA APPS presents our long-term capabilities in custom programmed solutions for the functional and communicative enhancement of organizations. DDA CMT specializes in interactive, technology-based corporate and medical training tools that are informative and fun. DDA USA helps foreign companies gain a foothold in the US Market through effective advertising and marketing. When these six divisions combine with our DDA Corporate mainstay, we are able to provide clients with the total advertising and marketing solution that propels them to new levels of success. Client need and technological advancement will determine what new divisions will follow in the future.

DDA Moves to a New Facility More Than Triple the Size
After careful planning and consideration, DDA has moved to a new facility that is more than triple the size of our old offices and studios. Without any downtime, we managed to move every member of our creative and technical teams to a space that allows us to continue to grow in the years to come. The new space has allowed us to expand our video and photography studios, acquire new equipment, hold three conferences at once, and stretch not only our imaginations, but our legs.

Meet DDA and Get to Know Us
Unlike typical advertising agencies that showcase the members of their team in stilted photographs, if they reveal them at all, DDA takes a unique approach that exemplifies our creative capabilities while letting you get to know those who are involved in your projects. In the fall of 2006, we introduced hand-drawn illustrations of each DDA staffer produced by one of our in-house graphic artists. As of the summer of 2008, we now have daily blogs written by each member of our team, and personal video vignettes where we share a little about what interests us most. It is our hope that through Meet DDA, you can get to know us and consider us not as an outside vendor, but as an integral part of your marketing team.

A professional website design service offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising is keyword research. Keyword research is an important part within the fourteen-step custom website design and development process created at DDA. Keyword research targets the navigation of a website as well as the development of the content. Professional websites designed and developed by DDA use a large variety of keywords and keyword phrases for the purpose of providing the exact information that your searchers want to see. Once Dynamic Digital Advertising finds the right keywords, DDA constructs the website that helps connect your customers to your company.

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Companies who need CD-ROM graphic design should contact Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s premier graphic design company. Dynamic Digital Advertising offers one of the largest and most diverse service offerings in the United States: DDA’s graphic design department is no exception. With access to talented copywriters, digital photographers, and programmers, DDA creates CD-ROMs that feature interactive multimedia that engage your audience while actively presenting more information on your company’s products or services. CD-ROM graphic design also encompasses unique packaging options so that the high-tech media on the inside is reflected by the high-end graphic design on the outside.<

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