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For years, many have relied on the traditional show and tell method for medical education and training. Even in today's digital world, that remains the same, until now. DDA's Virtual Medical Simulations are revolutionizing medical education, allowing clinicians to perform procedures, handle equipment, and perform other tasks through their computer. DDA's advanced capabilities in video production, 2D and 3D animation, 3D modeling, custom programming, and web development combine to create cutting-edge eLearning platforms that are in a class of their own. Clinicians learn by using their own two hands, thinking for themselves, problem solving, and practicing over and over again in an environment most comfortable for them. Web-based Virtual Medical Simulations from DDA increase retention and information absorption, are great ways to introduce and familiarize clinicians with new methods, and cut down on training time and costs. Developed as part of a comprehensive eLearning platform or a standalone tool, Virtual Medical Simulations are perfect solutions for nearly any training or educational need. Protect patients, increase use of a particular procedure, and prepare clinicians with an online training and education method that puts the tools for success in the hands of the clinician.

2009: Innovation at its Best
DDA has been pioneering new technologies since our inception in 1994, so it should come as no surprise that 2009 brought even more innovation. Most notably, are the technologies DDA invented through development of comprehensive eLearning and online training platforms. More and more companies are looking to web-based training and education tools to cut down on costs and time, enhance learning, and increase interest on the part of the attendee. In an effort to provide the most engaging, most comprehensive, and most effective online platforms possible, DDA created Synchronous Media™ and the DDA Smart Site™. Through Synchronous Media™, video, text, and images come together to create one very immersive experience that allows the user to absorb information in the medium with which they're most comfortable, while those same messages are added to and reinforced through other synchronized media. The DDA Smart Site™ takes Synchronous Media™ to a whole new level with the ability for the user to control how the information is viewed. Visual, audial, and textual information is divided into different modules that can be opened or closed upon command. The user can view any combination of the three, all from one page. All of this gives the user total control, allowing them to see, experience, and learn as they are most comfortable. To see the patent-applied for DDA Smart Site™ with Synchronous Media™ in action, check out the DDA Medical website.

Our Top 9 in 2009
2009 saw many exciting projects come DDA's way. From online eLearning platforms to high-quality video production, including live webcasts, shot on-location, our custom programming, website design and development, Flash animation, graphic design, search engine marketing (SEM), and copywriting departments were kept busy.

Though there were a lot of excellent choices, DDA managed to come up with a list of the the Top 9 in 2009:

9. Personal Health Record – Created for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, for this project, DDA Medical custom programmed and designed an online health tracking tool for patients suffering with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). Users can track their entire CML treatment history, with appointment, therapy, and test result management tools. This site also features an appointment email reminder feature and a CML resource center.

8. DDA GRID – Want a really easy way to shop for marketing and advertising services? Try the DDA Grid, where you can easily flip through dozens of selected DDA samples in all service areas and for nearly all industries. The DDA Grid is an interactive collection of projects that allows you to search by title, year created, age of the project, market, or a specific service area. The Grid automatically reorganizes itself based on your selection, pulling up only the projects that match what you’re looking for and providing you with a project sample, description, and link.

7. Park Lenox Emergency Medicine Website – The central feature of this website is a video, shot on-location by DDA Video. An attractive, custom design and an emphasis on the group’s experience and expertise round out the overall aesthetics of the site, creating a visually-pleasing, informative, and attention-grabbing presentation.

6. Sensis Condoms Website – To explain a condom technology like no other, DDA Medical employed a mix of media in creation of this website. The strips of the product transform into a Flash animation that keeps the visitor engaged and provides visual interest to the site. Custom designed, with fun and flirty elements, the site also includes medical information to educate visitors. A fun Papervision 3D component that allows visitors to morph the condom box and move it as they wish, provides an interactive element to the site.

5. Jade Corp Website Development – The primary site for Jade Equipment Corp was written, designed, search engine optimized, and developed by DDA. Based on extensive research into keyword search patterns, this website includes highly optimized content, written by our professional writers. As part of this project, DDA created four additional websites for the different divisions of Jade Equipment Corp. – Johnson & Hoffman, Jade Precision Medical Components, Jade Holdings Inc., and Valley Precision LLC. All divisional sites have their own custom design, while sharing similar core design aspects to tie them all together. DDA developed the content for each of these sites as well.

4. Renewal by Andersen Window Installation Videos – To demonstrate to consumers the uniqueness of the Renewal by Andersen® installation and service, DDA Video created installation videos on different products. In 2009, we developed a video on gutter installation and window installation, as part of a larger series. A DDA Video crew went on-location to shoot footage of a Renewal by Andersen® installer on the job, and then taped voiceover narration from one of our professional voiceover artists from the DDA Video Actor’s Network, www.ddavideo.com. We then edited that footage and integrated it into a complete presentation that is engaging, interesting, and really communicates the message of quality Renewal by Andersen® wanted to carry across.

3. Sensis Condoms Video Upload Contest – In helping Sensis Condoms to conceptualize, develop, and promote a contest on their website, DDA Medical special programmed a video upload feature so that website visitors could upload videos on their own and enter the contest. Functioning like a mini YouTube, all videos uploaded were on display for everyone to see and vote on while the contest was running. Though the contest is no longer active, you can still see the uploaded videos.

2. Acurian – Created for Acurian, a patient recruitment specialist, this is an interactive video presentation that’s targeted to the seven different groups that represent Acurian’s target audiences – each with a different video spokesperson, chosen from DDA Video’s Actors’ Network, representing each group. This affords users complete control, allowing them to select the presentation best suited to them. Once a selection is made, that person comes forward and the other groups fade away. The presentation slated to that group begins and includes an illustrated background – created by DDA – and animated and visual effects.

1.  DDA in 60 seconds commercial – An in-your-face, action-packed, thrill ride into all things DDA! Animated and edited in-house this 60-second commercial on DDA as a whole, is fun, entertaining, and full of embedded special effects.

Where in the World is DDA
On-location shoots are nothing new to DDA Video. Crews travel across the country from Maine to California to tape patient testimonials, hospital procedures, stream live webcasts of conferences, and so much more. In 2009, DDA Video took the “video production” show on the road again and again. At a three-day conference in Dallas, a DDA crew shot footage of eight different presenters, synchronized PowerPoint slides, and developed a post-event web environment that went live just a few days after the conference. DDA Video also produced a product-launch video from b-roll footage that was shot at the conference. In Florida, it was a live webcast that got the attention of DDA Video. With the aid of a website technician back at our studios, the DDA Video two-person crew, on-location streamed live from the client’s surgical center to hundreds of viewers all over the nation. All of this through a user interface we designed and programmed that included a live chat feature. A little closer to home, a crew was sent out to New York City to videotape footage at Lenox Hill Hospital for Park Lenox, the emergency services group that serves the institution. Featuring testimonials and footage of the emergency room facility, the video became the central feature of a new website developed by DDA. As the year ended, we were busy planning on-location video shoots already scheduled for 2010 in St. Louis, Detroit, and Denver.

Streaming it to you Live
Webcasting, live or archived, and video streaming have been a part of DDA’s capabilities for many years, but in 2009, DDA Video saw an influx in webcasting projects. Whether it’s for a product launch, direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing, or for educational purposes, more companies and organizations are looking to webcasts as viable solutions. With DDA Video’s full range of marketing and advertising services offered under one roof, we can easily create the perfect webcast for you. The webcasts we developed in 2009 varied from presentations housed within a full web environment, with pages of supplemental information available to the user, to live video-streaming webcasts with an interactive chat feature. While the purpose, location, and style changed from project to project, the webcasts we developed had many of the same elements – a log-in and registration page, embedded tracking mechanisms to determine who and how many people visited the site, and a webcast interface with a custom-designed wrapper by DDA. Other features developed and integrated by DDA Video include, a personalized PDF certificate that can be printed out by the user upon completion, downloadable materials, like an audio podcast and PowerPoint slides, and an “e-mail the doctor” feature, where viewers can send an e-mail to the physician after the date of the webcast event.

DDA Brings you Even More Entertainment
It's no secret that DDA knows how to keep our website visitors interested. We've created a whole variety of DDA-focused interactive videos, games, and animations that grab people's attention, get them excited, and keep them exploring our site. In 2009, we added two more - DDA Coffee and DDA in 60 Seconds. Take a virtual coffee break with DDA Coffee, choose from a cup of Joe or a cappuccino, and even get some sweet treats, while learning a little bit about DDA. This fun flash animation is all about user interaction, in an entertaining and relaxing environment. If you want to increase the excitement and learn about all of DDA's divisions, check out DDA in 60 Seconds. It's a fast-paced, in-your-face, over-the-top thrill ride into all things DDA.

Yet another DDA Division
The newest addition to the DDA family, DDA Interactive™ is a one-stop source for all of DDA’s interactive marketing and advertising services. Highly-interactive website development, video production, game development, animations, and more are nothing new to DDA. We’ve always pushed the envelope of innovation, pioneering new technologies, and creating experiences that are more interactive, more immersive, and more engaging than anyone ever thought possible. DDA Interactive™ puts all these services, and much more, into one place. Not only can visitors learn about our interactive eLearning platforms, synchronous media, and ecommerce website development, they also have the chance to experience augmented reality. An emerging technology that blends the real and virtual worlds, DDA Interactive™  is one of the first to offer a full range of augmented reality marketing and advertising services. Whether it’s for online training, a tradeshow display, to enhance an existing website, or to take a video from ordinary to extraordinary, go beyond the next generation with DDA Interactive™.

A professional website design service offered by Dynamic Digital Advertising is keyword research. Keyword research is an important part within the fourteen-step custom website design and development process created at DDA. Keyword research targets the navigation of a website as well as the development of the content. Professional websites designed and developed by DDA use a large variety of keywords and keyword phrases for the purpose of providing the exact information that your searchers want to see. Once Dynamic Digital Advertising finds the right keywords, DDA constructs the website that helps connect your customers to your company.

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Companies who need CD-ROM graphic design should contact Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s premier graphic design company. Dynamic Digital Advertising offers one of the largest and most diverse service offerings in the United States: DDA’s graphic design department is no exception. With access to talented copywriters, digital photographers, and programmers, DDA creates CD-ROMs that feature interactive multimedia that engage your audience while actively presenting more information on your company’s products or services. CD-ROM graphic design also encompasses unique packaging options so that the high-tech media on the inside is reflected by the high-end graphic design on the outside.<

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