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Who should be more qualified to create a comprehensive eLearning platform on a revolutionary method to standardize swallowing disorders than a company that’s been leading innovation in marketing and advertising since 1994?  DDA Medical’s cutting-edge breakthroughs in marketing technologies put us in the unique position to offer the three physicians who developed the method – collectively representing the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), St. Joseph’s Voice & Swallowing Center, and Johns Hopkins University – everything they needed to train, certify, and aid practicing clinicians. Designed, programmed, and developed by DDA Medical, this eLearning platform, featuring virtual medical simulations, includes 73 3D animations, which DDA Medical modeled and animated from scratch, synchronized with fluoroscopy video. The tool has three distinct areas – a learning area, practice area, and a reliability testing area. Once clinicians have studied the method with full-length integrated swallowing videos they can practice their skills and then move on to test for certification. Achieving certification will eventually grant clinicians access to a database, also being developed by DDA Medical, where they can monitor and record patient data while practicing the method. During development of this platform, DDA Medical also created the Synch-Lock™ technology. The entire tool, including the database, is HIPAA-compliant and will be hosted on DDA Medical’s HIPAA-compliant servers. Just as revolutionary as the swallowing assessment it’s teaching, the MBSimP eLearning Platform from DDA Medical, is years beyond anything else out there.

Redefining the World of Training One Comprehensive eLearning Platform at a Time
DDA has redefined the meaning of virtual simulations. While many believe the term to mean lab or classroom training using a device, DDA has made the experience 100% digital, with users able to perform complex procedures, processes, and train anywhere they choose to. The complete XperCT and XperGuide training platform created by DDA for Philips Healthcare is just another example of our revolutionary virtual simulation technology in action. Greeted by an on-screen spokesperson standing inside a futuristic  lab, the user is transported into this virtual environment, and given a full passive simulation overview of the entire process for the XperCT and XperGuide programs, including training on all equipment. Once they’ve absorbed the information, at their own pace and comfort level, users are then challenged to actually practice what they just learned through an active simulation where they work through the procedure step by step. An interactive progress bar, present in both the passive and active simulations, allows them to keep track of what they’ve viewed. This eLearning platform, which will also be used to educate sales reps nurses, technicians, and healthcare professionals, is a unique, highly-effective tool that is changing how physician training is done.  Built to be scalable so additional functionality like certification testing can be added at a later date, the tool can easily grow over time to meet evolving needs. The XperCT and XperGuide training platform is just one example of how DDA is transforming present training methods through the creation of truly virtual simulations.

DDA Creates Parent-Education Platform with Digital Enhancements
The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) knew what it wanted – a high-quality video presentation that would dispel the myths of immunizations and provide parents with accurate information. From the beginning, DDA was a good match. Not only has DDA provided cutting-edge video production services since the 1990s, our eLearning services – including educational videos – have advanced greatly  in the past few years. As always, DDA had everything in-house that NAPNAP needed for a successful patient-education campaign, and thanks to our constant focus on innovation, we went a step further and offered an innovative solution that took the presentation up a few notches – a 3D environmental background using Green Screen technology. Shot in our studios, the two sets of parent/nurse pairs were transported into a virtual environment that would be fitting to a real-life situation a parent may encounter when gathering more information on vaccinations. DDA refined and enhanced the 3D environments, working closely with the client at each step. Finishing it off with a GUI that makes it easy for users to navigate the topic and choose the question that best apply to them, DDA created a complete parent-education portal that appeals to parents and helps NAPNAP in its goal to dispel myths and provide accurate information.

Make it Compatible with DDA
One of DDA’s biggest secrets to success is that we’re always on the cutting-edge. When you’re continuously innovating and branching into new and bigger technologies it’s easy to stay one, even three, steps ahead of the competition. The launch of AppleSavvy™ is proof positive that DDA is leagues beyond everyone else. Mobile browsing is no longer just a luxury, it’s becoming a mainstay for many people, and the more popular it becomes, the more people expect websites and videos to play properly without any issues on their phone. Therefore the incompatibility of Flash on Apple mobile devices, like the iPhone® and iPad®, presents major complications. If you have Flash in any form on your website, you risk losing a chunk of your audience base, many of whom won’t be able to view it, which can lead to frustration and lost visitors. AppleSavvy™ offers Flash conversion and iPhone®, iPad® and Smartphone friendly development services. Our own Universal Portfolio is an example of our mobile-friendly development. Mobile browsing is growing exponentially. Control what your target audience is seeing and ensure that everyone is getting the message with Flash conversion and mobile application development services from AppleSavvy™.

DDA Takes High Resolution Digital Photography Even Further
When QIAGEN came to DDA Medical, they were looking at a four-day on-location shoot involving more than 20 models. The high-resolution digital photographs would be used in public outreach and marketing campaigns for years to follow and they wanted to make sure they had hundreds of shots from which to choose to create fresh, updated campaigns. What QIAGEN never anticipated was that DDA Medical would devise an incredibly innovative and unique solution that would give them a wide selection of photographs in a much more time and cost efficient process than a full-fledged on-location shoot. DDA Medical’s 3D Photographic Environment solution is a great use of advanced technology to solve real world problems and enhance both productivity and reduce cost.  Not only did DDA Medical plan and coordinate the entire shoot, including all models, props, hairstyling, and wardrobe, we worked closely with the client at each step to enhance and personalize the 3D environments for use in the final composed photos.  DDA Medical then shot all of the models over the course of three days, in our green screen studio. The poses, positioning, and angles had to be just right to match the customized 3D environments. The result is stunning photographs that give the impression of elaborate sets, without the time and money normally needed; ensuring that QIAGEN’s future marketing campaigns will remain new and fresh for years to come.

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