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Websites with Structure and Substance

One of my favorite steps in a website redesign process is helping to create a new menu structure. Even the most entertaining and interactive websites must have substance to them - a solid reason for visiting. Menu structures give reason, provide an architecture for information dissemination and a hierarchy with intuitive organization.

Websites with search engine optimization copywriting far too often integrate the copy in a hidden manner - not directly visible to a user coming into the site from a home page, but if landed on from a search engine gives the user easy access to top level information. I find the challenge lies in merging search patterns with top level information.

When the website developers at DDA embark on creating a new menu structure, they take into account your products or services, target audience, and take-home message. Then, after keyword research is conducted, they weave appropriate and competitive terms and topics into the site architecture. The end result is a website that gives searchers what they seek and conveys a very strong message on why they should invest their hard-earned time and money into your business.

Entry by: laura


Standard versus Unique

The other day, I read a statement made in a forum that caught my attention and got me thinking. The statement was, “Everybody knows that the more standardized you are and the more you buy off-the-shelf, the more cost effective it will be for both implementation and on-going maintenance.” The word, “standardized” struck the biggest nerve with me. “Standard” is synonymous with “normal.” Who really wants to be normal? What is normal anyways? When did the wonderful wizard in the land of oz set these standards? If you deviate from normal or standard does that make you abnormal and substandard, or unique and innovative?

I conquer that in some IT instances off-the-shelf solutions may meet a need or a few at a reasonable cost, but just as off-the-shelf is limited in its capabilities, it has limitations to its applications. Off-the-shelf doesn’t work when you’re trying to establish differentiators between your organization and that of your competition. In promotional terms, off-the-shelf isn’t part of the repertoire. It’s high time we rethink “standard.” Perhaps that which is standard is in fact substandard.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), we’re proud to say that everything we do is custom! From an anatomical hand-drawn illustration to an interactive website and beyond, the graphic design, programming, copywriting, animation, video, and more is done in a way that creates an end product unlike any other. Plus, we can develop administrative back-end systems that enable you to manage on-going maintenance in effective and pragmatic ways. DDA doesn’t make you fit into a set mold; rather you are the mold.

Entry by: laura


The Mobile Migration

Just as there was a slow progression of companies to migrate online with more than template websites, companies are now slowly adopting the mobile marketplace. Whether there is a need to convert an existing website to smartphone and tablet formats, or there is a desire to create an interactive mobile application to be sold in iTunes, DDA does it all.

Whereas a few years ago, going mobile was thought of almost in the aftermath of a new website design, promotional video, or instructional animation, the topic is addressed at onset at DDA. We want you to think about the mobile application of your projects, so that they have longevity and value as your consumers make their first major mobile device purchase or continue to upgrade their device to the latest and greatest.

At DDA, we’ll develop creative ways to help you maximize the smaller screen size and touch navigation of smartphones and tablets. Plus, we’ll provide assistance through the Apple submission and approval process. As you join the mobile migration, consider the expertise and experience behind DDA’s mobile and application development. Our team will help propel your company to the forefront of the mobile pack.

Entry by: laura


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