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Archive for May, 2008

Busy Thursday

It is not typical that I post my daily blog at 5:47 pm, but today is the exception. From 8:00 am I have been busy with client meetings ranging from a surgical instrument company to a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, tying up loose ends with about 10 other clients, overseeing the progress of a product photography shoot, keeping an eye on Elise’s projects, and so on. Going into this week, I thought things might be slow from the long Holiday weekend, but not so. DDA has been a buzz since first thing Tuesday morning. Although tired, I’m glad to be part of an advertising agency that doesn’t stop.

Entry by: laura

Back to…

After enjoying a few wonderful days off, it’s back to work, back to checking emails, back to reviewing the status of various projects, and back to the wonderful world of graphic design. Usually after a few days off it’s hard to get back to work, but I woke up today pleased with the idea of hopping into the car and setting out for the office. Why? Well, I really do enjoy my job. I’m anxious to work up some revised cover designs for a trifold brochure, make some changes to an enlargement rollover for a kitchen cabinet web site, work on a logo design, and begin the initial designs on a package for a singing flowerpot. While I love my kids and husband more than I can ever put into words, they need a break from me as much as I need a break from them. Plus, it’s always a riot to see what the house looks like when i get home at night.

Another project than I’m anxious to get back to is the 7 poster designs for the DDA office. Two of them are pretty much finished and we’re working through the 3rd, and I’m sure the 4 to follow will go much quicker as the theme has now been established. The hard work is done and now the fun part begins… carrying out the established theme and watching the posters design themselves. It’s my favorite part of the process, so I’m hoping that the day allows for this special task!

Entry by: carrie

A Good Book

It is difficult to watch TV and not get affected by all the awful news. I am not an alarmist, but I think a large percentage of the media thrives on sharing gut wrenching stories. It somehow is their task to keep yelling, “The sky is falling.” Thankfully, we all have a choice; watch or shut off the TV. I have chosen the latter and now keep better company, surrounded by old-fashioned friends called books.

What a joy to rediscover that reading is a never ending exploration that can inspire, motivate, scare, humor, and above all create AH HA moments. I hope we won’t lose the love of books just because the INTERNET is now the dominate method of communication. Google if you must, check out your friends on Facebook, surf every day, bur also find time to feel the heft of a good book in your hands. Summer is a good time to start. For those of us who toil in the arena of marketing, advertising, and promotion, there can be no better resource than books.  Books are important in sustaining and evolving one’s creativity and imagination.

Entry by: elizabeth


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