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Archive for June, 2008

Client Cookies

Most web server applications can generate a sequence composed of a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols to store unique client ID for the purpose of identifying them each time they return. With this unique id the application can retrieve information about the client history. The server side scripting language enables this functionality through the client or session scope variables. The session scope variables are capable of storing short term memory storage, which at most has limited time before timing out and clearing all the client information. Some applications use long term storage memory through client cookies which stores a unique id generated by the ColdFusion server and each time the client makes a request to the web application, the application reads the unique identification number and uses it to retrieve information from a database. This technique is not the most reliable because some clients might delete their cookies or some clients might disable their cookies from the browser. Being able to identify a client is a powerful technique in building e-commerce web application because clients don’t have to rebuild their history each time they come to visit the web application.

Entry by: reggie

Moving at the Speed of Life

This weekend, I was reading an article called Decoding Disease. It was really astonishing to realize the amount of progress that has been made in such a short period of time. It’s amazing to read about the human genome, the total genetic information of a human being and our understanding of DNA “instruction manual” for humans. Using this “map” will allow scientists to understand the differences between a person who inherits a disease and one who does not.

It is not that much different from my understanding of the programming code that makes up a website. Code too, is an “instruction manual” that directs the site’s activities. It is an impressive and awe-inspiring, albeit confusing, cryptogram that only special minds can wrap their brains around. I am no more a programmer than a scientist, but I have enormous respect for these people. I imagine the intelligence just leaking out their ears sometimes.

For instance, last week, I had a problem with a web-page that I was adjusting. The problem persisted through my meager attempts at repair. It didn’t help that the problem lie hidden somewhere in about 400 lines of code. As I was wishing for Amy (our master programmer) to help, she magically appeared at the door, returning from lunch. And in a mere 20 seconds of looking at my page and the code, she produced the answer, and merrily continued on her way. A small feat in her mind, an huge one to mine. Amazing. The level of advanced programming that is evident in every aspect of the custom web design and flash animation and video production at DDA is superior in every way. So it seems that as fast as we are learning how to understand and improve the map of human biology, we are also learning and improving the map of code programming. Moving at the Speed of Life.

Entry by: debbie

Congratulations Class of ‘08!

Last Thursday was my little brother’s high school graduation. After four years, two changes of address and three different schools, he graduated from East Brunswick High School in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In a class of over 700, Matt stood tall and proud as he received his diploma at Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton. He deserved to be proud - we were all extremely proud of him for hitting this milestone in his life.

It is amazing how fast time can go, especially looking back from a milestone point such as this. It’s cliche, I know, but it truly does feel like only yesterday that my parents brought home this little bundle of blanket-wrapped whiny-ness for me to torment. I can still remember asking my parents when he would grow up already, so I could have someone to play baseball with.

And now he’s grown and on a path to a career which hopefully he will find fruitful. I consider myself fortunate to have reached the position I have with DDA, but I know that it was more than fortune. Working hard, not only through college, but even as early as high school and grade school, has added up to allow me the Bachelor of Science for Animation degree that I enjoy today. Now I have the skills to animate in Flash and 3D, model in 3D, create websites, create Flash interactives, you name it - it’s all due to education. I was inspired by my brother, as well - he had to overcome a lot just to get through high school, and work a heck of a lot harder than I ever did. I am so proud.

Entry by: Rob


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