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Archive for July, 2008

The Thursday High

I love Thursdays. Not only does it represent the end of the work week, it is a day packed-full of progress. When the time reaches 5:50pm, I can usually be found pushing to wrap up tasks. The day moves quickly and you leave feeling a rush of accomplishment. Glorious! Today, my tasks happened to involve writing search engine optimized copy for a client of ours, proposal development, project coordination, and proofing.

It is now 5:57 and I am feeling good. Why? Because I accomplished what I planned and  instead of our typical beer, David and Elizabeth brought wine. Thank you bosses! You know how to end a work-week in style.

So, on to the weekend and then back to work for another busy and fulfilling week of creative and online copywriting.

Entry by: elise

A Late Post

These past few days I’ve been struggling to find my blog topics. It’s been so hard that I sat to think about it, then pushed it aside for another project. An hour later I’d remind myself, “Oh, my blog!” only to put it off again. 5:45 rolls around and I had another “Oh, my blog” moments, but this time I can’t put it off. I sometimes feel for Andrew who proofs my posts because there have been a few days that I call him at 5:55 saying something like, “Um…I just posted my blog…”. Days like these happen for one of two reasons, one being I had so much to do that blogging was furthest from my mind and two, I just couldn’t think of anything to write.

I’m not a writer, nor do I have a passion for writing, but it is a hobby of mine. Of course I much prefer to write about something fantastical, something completely different from the activities of my every day life. So when writing for DDA, I really have to think about what to write about that is interesting to me. If I’m not interested in the subject I’m writing about, how can I expect others to be? I don’t want to repeat myself and have a stale blog, which is really difficult when I have long term projects that don’t seem to end or change.

This week has been spent continuing some projects that I have already posted on; a hat brochure, updating a large website and putting the finishing touches on another website. I really wish that I could say we all went to the moon and took some product photos of cheese, but that’d be lying. Ooops, it’s now 5:55. Sorry Andrew!

Entry by: judy

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

Today we will begin processing the footage from yesterday’s video shoots. The DDA CMT shoot went well but I think there are still a few kinks to be worked out before we get Elliot in the studio. One of the aspects of the project still under debate is camera movement. Since there is a dialog going on between 2 characters, my film intuition says many quick cuts back and forth with tight shots of the speaking character and the occasional wide shot. The only problem is the video is not going to be played on a television, but a website; so there is no “screen”. OK, fine. We will just pan and zoom from character to character. Not that simple. Since we are shooting on green screen and superimposing the background, it does not change with camera movement. So, the test will be to see if we can manipulate the background to fit the camera movements. With our talented team of videographers, 3d and flash animators, I’m sure we can do it!

Entry by: jake


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