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Archive for September, 2008

Trained and Degreed Staff

After an unplanned absence from work last Thursday, I am feeling rather out of the loop. I have spent my morning trying to remember where I left off on Wednesday. Luckily, in my absence everything continued to progress. Changes and updates that I was working on for clients were completed everything seems to be in place. Print proofs for various projects were reviewed and forwarded to clients for their approval.

I have a sense of relief as I sort through emails and tasklists. I know that our trained and degreed staff of copywriters, project coordinators, search engine optimization specialists, designers, programmers, videographers, and photographers were capable of picking up where I left off in order to get project completed.

Entry by: Crystal

Organic SEO

Pay per click search engine marketing is a great way to achieve instant results, if that is what you are looking for. Though unless you have enough money to keep up with your competition, know the right keywords to purchase, and have a reliable source to handle the management of your account, you will quickly lose the top rankings that you obtained instantly.

An alternative to PPC is organic search engine marketing. Organic search engine marketing starts by creating specific keywords that relate to the advertiser’s product. Next, content is developed that relates and uses the selected keywords. This makes the pages the most relevant to a particular keyword and therefore gains the trust of consumers.

DDA develops client websites through organic search engine optimization. Some statistics that prove the benefits of organic SEO can be found here.

Entry by: Crystal


Ever wonder how they get those pictures of products in catalogs to look so nice? Have you tried to replicate it, but got poor results? That is because professional commercial photographers are used for catalog production, and professional photographers makes use of all of the technology that you may never even have heard of. I hadn’t seen all the industry tricks either until I came to work here at Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) and saw real products being shot in our photography studio. Now I have seen how it was done.

Aside from the fact that we do have the top-of-the-line digital cameras, which does make a huge difference, we also have numerous professional lights in our studio that are used to light the product in just the right way. We also have backdrops in many colors and there is white box that looks like it’s made out of a nylon fabric. Reflective items can be put in the box so that there are not reflections of the surrounding environment in the image. It can also be used with filming product rotations. Also used, is our professional software that can be used for any little touch-ups that a picture may need to make it look absolutely perfect.

Don’t be mistaken though, even if you do have all the proper equipment you still need to know how to use it the right way and have the general eye for photography to really get the grand looking shots that companies desire.

At DDA, we have just that. Professionally trained digital photographers and editors ready and willing to meet your every need. Whether you need on-location photography or in-studio photography, DDA can do it all for you.

Entry by: vinnie


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