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Archive for November, 2008

DDA the Custom Website Firm

Here at Dynamic Digital advertising we pride ourselves on the custom look of our websites. We never use templates , each website we create is a one-of-a-kind, hand-designed masterpiece. We akin it to having an Aston Martin as opposed to an off-the-shelf Honda civic.

With our website Design methodically, each site is built from scratch with a unique menu system and architecture before we even start thinking of design concepts. This way not only does the site look beautiful, it also address the client’s needs. We have in-house, HTML coders, Flash designers, Cold Fusion programmers, even our our green-screen, HD-equipped video studio.

If you want an off-the-peg solution, we are not for you.

Entry by: mick

Website Development from the Simple to the Sublime

I know of no other advertising and marketing product that has the wide range of quality of execution and distortion of the facts as that found in website development and Search Engine Marketing.

Range of Client Expectations:

1.) I will build a website and the world will beat a path to my door.

2.) Websites are all the same, just want to get my name out there.

3.) Websites don’t work.

4.) I tried a website before and no one ever found it.

5.)  I only have a few competitors so getting to the top of Google should be easy.

6.) I have $50. a month to spend and I want to dominate the first page of Google.

7.) My website is 10 pages and I need lots of traffic.

8.) But other companies said being #1 on Google is Guaranteed.

Unfortunately for every uninformed statement or hypothetical proposition there are many website designers and search marketing companies that will tell you what you want to hear. Why, because their interest is in making a quick buck, selling something and closing a deal.

I cannot count the number of times when DDA has dashed hopes, corrected myths, educated the prospect, and sometimes lost some work. It is far more important that the client hears the truth, believes what we say, learns something as we learn about their business, and becomes a client and friend for life. It may not be the practical thing to do, but for DDA, it is practically the only thing we can do.

Whether it is for a corporate of medical website design project, a corporate or medical video, elearning, a CME, a medical illustration, a patient brochure, a corporate trade show project, custom programming or any of the other 90 things we do in-house at DDA, the truth and fairness is the basis of every discussion and the keystone of every relationship.

Entry by: david


This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for…

1. Family & Friends. As two of my co-workers at our advertising agency lost close family members this past year, I’ve learned to not take my family for granted. I used to carry a lot of anger in my heart coming from a broken family, but today, I’m so grateful to have the loving and close relationships that I do and so thankful for every moment that I have with them. I’m also thankful for the friends I’ve kept throughout the years and those recently acquired.

2. DDA. I’m thankful that we have been able to move into a new, larger facility this year despite the economic downturn. I’m thankful for the exceptional work and support each of us provides every day that contributes to our overall success as a company. And I’m thankful that every day I have the opportunity to express my self creatively through innovative advertising copywriting and build meaningful relationships with our clients through project coordination.

3. A Shift in Political Perspective. After much anticipation, the recent political election has come and gone, and now a leader in a new direction will take position as President. With the hope of a great many resting on his shoulders, I pray that he will improve our foreign relationships and alleviate our domestic concerns to the very best of his (and our government’s) ability. I’m thankful for change.

4. A Renewed Effort to Go Green. Not just hippies, but people everywhere are going green in a variety of ways from using eco-friendly building materials to unplugging electronics at work and home. I’m grateful that people are recognizing the need to protect our environment and taking the initiative to leave it in the best possible condition for our children’s children.

Entry by: laura


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