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Archive for December, 2008

Too Much!

This time of year, I, along with many others, indulge in too much. Too much sweets, too much shopping, too much family, too much late nights and too much of not house cleaning! My almost 4 year old is also indulging in too much. He is very much excited about all the new underwear he has and decided to put on 5 pairs instead of one. Too much! (however, very cute).

There is one place where too much isn’t such a bad thing. Why, DDA, of course! At DDA, a full-service digital advertising agency specializing in search engine optimized website development and design, high-end brochure designtrade show graphic design and professional video production services, “too much” is what makes us stand out. The more services that we can provide to our clients so they can come to us for every marketing need makes our agency stand out among the rest. Combine that with our extreme level of customer service, ethical conductgreen practices, and award-winning design you have yourself an advertising agency that is well, just too much!

Entry by: carrie

The Best Of Everything!

Once again, I’m here to sing DDA’s praises. On our websites we have a section for testimonials, but it does not include the number of new clients who find us and sing our praises verbally. So I’ll try and paraphrase.

Best Website Designers, DDA. Why? Because everything is customized to the client’s needs, desires, product mix. We do not use templates.

Best Search Engine Optimization Program for the Money, DDA. Why? Because our organic search engine techniques are done daily and we have hundreds of satisfied clients to prove it. We were also given an important award in 2008 for our search marketing efforts.

Best Interactive Studio, DDA. Why? Because, DDA offers EVERY advertising technology avaiailable, in house, by full-time, degreed and passionate advertising and marketing artists, technical staff, content creators and platform developers.

Best Customer Service People, DDA. Why? We respond quickly to clients email requests or questions. We do not believe in voice mail. We daily take care of our clients.

Best All Around Advertising Agency, DDA. Why?  Because, at the end-of-the-day, effective advertising and marketing is about creativity, artistry, technology and resourcefullness. These are simply difficult attributes to find in abundance within one organization. DDA is blessed with people who exhibit these qualities day-in-and-day-out.

Entry by: elizabeth

What’s in your house?

At DDA, we are proud to say that we provide a vast list of digital services all in-house. From corporate and medical video production to website design and optimization, we can do it all under one roof.


Logo Concepts

Brochure Designs

Business Card CD-ROMs

Catalogs and Sell Sheet Designs

Corporate and Medical Training Tools

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Customized Applications and Customized Intranet

Medical Website Designs, Development and Promotion

 Product Sales Videos and Website Spokesperson Videos

Customer Relationship Management  Clinical Trial Support

Social   Networking , Informational  and  Retail  Widgets

Pay-Per-Click , Banner Ads and Social Media Optimization

USA Mktg for Foreign Firms, Branding & Corporate Identity

Interactive Video Advertising and Online Advertising Services

Online Virtual Trade Show, Virtual Reality & Streaming Video

Interactive  CD-ROM and DVD, Print to CD Catalog Designs

DVD, Video &  Corporate Presentations, Instructional Manuals

Keyword  Research and Keyword-Rich Content   Development

Model   Photography, Food  Photography, Photo Manipulation

Hand-Drawn Illustrations, Technical and  Digital Illustrations

Site Architecture and Navigation, Website Hosting and  Metrics

3D Models   for   Virtual  Reality, Photo   Realistic 3d Models

Strategic Marketing Services, Sales  and Brand Management

Entry by: jess


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