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Archive for January, 2009

Part of the Routine as a SEO Specialist/MOM

My daily routine is scheduled down to the minute and is so exact that if you call me at 8 a.m. you know that I am on my way out of the door to get the kids to school; call me at 8:24 a.m. and you will know that I am leaving the school parking lot and on my way to work; and at 8:37 a.m. I am walking through the doors at DDA, a website design company, ready to start my day as a search engine optimization specialist.

I start up my computer, login to my TRAC, put away my lunch, and start checking emails. Throughout my day, I implement website optimization elements into sites that are enrolled in our SureThing Optimization Program. Focusing meta tags, adding header tags, a site submission here, a press release submission there… all in part to increase the website’s rankings in the search engine.

Now, every once in a while something is thrown into the mix and my routine is slightly altered. Take last Thursday for example. My son was complaining about pain in his ear, so thinking that his ear infection had returned, I scheduled his doctor’s appointment and didn’t give it a second thought. After work, I headed to my sons’ school (I arrived at 4:30 p.m. on the dot as usual), picked them up, and was off to the doctor’s. Thinking I’d be in and out, since I have been to many of these appointments, I was surprised when the doctor took a longer than usual peek into my son’s ear.

To my surprise, it was not an ear infection… it was a tiny plastic bead. After wanting to laugh and scream and cry all at the same time, I calmed down and let the doctor try to get the “foreign body” as she kept calling it, out of my son’s ear. No such luck. So now I need to take him to St. Christopher’s Hospital tomorrow to have surgery to take the bead out.

He was playing with the beads at school and wanted to bring it home, but he had no pockets…. Ahhh, to be 5 again!!!

Entry by: toni

Monday’s Realities

Today is Monday. On Monday all of us at DDA brace ourselves against many things: first, because it is January and unusually cold and snowy, the drive to work is not easy, but the snow outlining all the trees and bushes looked spectacular; second, there are endless emails to read and answer; third, one cannot escape at least one onsite meeting and several conference calls for ongoing projects; fourth, several people are absent which requires someone else to step in for the missing staff member; fifth, because there is so much to do, the time runs away and adds to tomorrow’s work load. But, we are not complaining. Feeling a bit stressed maybe, because of all the requests for things to get done ASAP, but not complaining. We are lucky to have jobs and if anyone who has a job feels complacent about that phenomenon, that person is hiding under a rock.

The full measure of who will survive this very scary economic downturn depends on part on how effective DDA is as a team. Can we meet our deadlines? Are we keeping an eye on time leaks? Are we doing anything to squeeze out extra minutes through efficient process so we can impact our bottom line positively? Are we continuing to build our websites? Diligent attention to all these questions, will help keep us financially vital, and therefore employed.

Entry by: elizabeth


It seems that there’s so much going on here at DDA that you would hardly notice the economy is sluggish. I think that it’s because the Internet is such a great form of advertising. It can reach you at your convenience with the touch of a few buttons, and it can help you with any subject at all without having to go find 100 different types of reference material. Plus, the Internet almost always has the latest updated info. Of course that needs a helpful attentive group helping to keep  things at its best.

DDA is always efficiently helping, updating, and refreshing information and designs on many websites for many people. Some of the newest creations that our website designers, videographers and programmers have been working on are Medical website designs. They have every service you could need: medical copywriting, medical illustrations, medical videos, medical flash animation, medical photography, but most importantly medical IT services, because life is always easier when you know you have good help.

Entry by: debbie


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