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Archive for February, 2009

Be smart

In my last blog, I talked about going Pro. And in thinking about choices that we have to make in our daily lives, I  think we all want to make a good decision out of the choices available.   The Internet makes hundreds, if not thousands of choices at your finger tips. Now, let’s face it, we are not going to read that many different options. So we will narrow our field down to the top options, choosing those with the most relevant, corresponding information, and then read the first few.

Several things will help us make a choice: visuals, relevance and content. Beautiful, eye- catching graphics will draw us in, keywords will help us find information specific to our needs, and well written content will inform, enlighten and sometimes makes us laugh. So, if I have to choose a medical doctor, hospital or just find more information, my natural draw is to  a clean, professional, intelligently designed site to help me find what I need.

DDA offers these qualities every day.  A great medical website design is your first impression, search engine optimization helps to narrow the search to specific needs and bring you to the top of the Google listings, professional medical content writing, medical illustrations and animations, medical device video, helps to inform and educate, along with medical IT services from DDA- it’s not just easy plain to go Pro, it’s smart.

Entry by: debbie

My Top Video Marketing Picks of the Past Couple Weeks

Lately, there are two sets of commercials on TV which I have been drawn to in particular. Both have great concepts and imagery. One relies on a strong and fast paced narration performed by the one and only Dennis Leary and the other uses phone conversations with dreamy sketches taking wild interpretations of the topics being discussed. I’d embed the videos in the page but quite frankly, I forgot how and don’t have the time to remember. So here they are…

F-150 Way of Life

The second one, well couldn’t find it on you tube, so here’s my runner up…

 GE Scarecrow

Creative and inspiring, definitely influential on upcoming work with marketing videos, healthcare IT videos, medical videos, and animations.

Entry by: laurence

Stream Videos Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

We live in a fast paced world and everything seems to get a little bit faster every day. We drive fast, we expect to have our food prepared fast, and our Internet is faster than ever. Americans definitely don’t like waiting. With so much to do and so little time, one cannot spend several minutes waiting for a website to load. If a web page takes too long to load the user will surely lose interest and move on to a site that can keep up with them. And web video? Forget about it.

At DDA, we understand the importance of speed, which is why we use the Red 5 flash streaming server. The red 5 streams FLV files instantly so the user does not lose interest while waiting for a video to load. This is important because many of the websites DDA’s designs and builds have video integrated right into them. Whether it be a spokesperson video, a product video, an educational video, training video or medical video, the Red 5 makes sure that the user experiences virtually no wait. It is all part of DDA’s philosophy: Create a unique, informative, visually appealing website that at the same time is also user friendly and efficient. To see how websites and web videos are done right check out our website portfolio.

Entry by: jake


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