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Archive for April, 2009

On-Screen, Mr. Sulu!


With the remake of Star Trek beaming its way to your local multiplex, it seems fitting to write about that which was once in the realm of 1960s Science fiction and has again found its way into real life. The ability to broadcast yourself to whomever you want, any time you want was once only in the hands of TV companies. Now thanks to the arrival of Webcasting, it’s within your hands too. A webcast can be as simple as a recorded video welcome message that you have on your website, or as complicated as a live video streaming web cast with synchronized slides and video and the ability to respond and interact with the users viewing your broadcast.

Here at DDA, we have been streaming video online since 1999. With those decade of experience, we have moved forward. We have state-of-the-art server systems with the latest flash streaming codecs, a full in house video studio, even specialized on-location HD cameras and HDMI 1080P equipped laptops. Thanks to our in-house programmers we also have the online software interfaces to handle whatever custom event you need to stream. Our on-location team is willing to leave and film your corporate event at the drop of a hat; especially if you happen to be in Hawaii, maybe a book launching for Robin Masters.

Webcasting is helping redefine how we communicate, You can deliver your message cost effectively (no travel)  with full control of a targeted audience (use of passwords etc). at your own convenience and accurately message the impact of that event. We are living in the Star Trek future of communication, join in before it passes you by like a rainbow smear of starlight, Warp Speed, Mr. Scotty!

Entry by: mick

Websites Launching and Preparing to Launch

There have been some exciting developments going on around the studio lately.  Just yesterday we launched a new website for a construction company in Connecticut.  The owners of this company, Jim and Donna, were the kind folks that helped us re-insulate the entire building last summer.  What a difference that has made!  Anyway, while they were here we shot a 2 minute video that welcomes the user and explains a little bit about the company.  The video was then integrated into a website design which Judy created.  The whole thing looks great!

In other news, the new DDA Medical website is quickly filling up with content.  Yesterday, Jess was in the studio to shoot yet another video for the site.  That brings the grand total to 53 videos on the new site!  Because DDA Medical offers so many services, the site is incredibly complex and contains many different sections.  Each section has a spokesperson video to help the user fully understand what that particular section is about.  To give you an idea of the amount of content going into the new site, head on over to the current DDA Medical site.  It is small compared to the new one!

Entry by: jake

Time just got smarter

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a class on my computer using live webcasting. It was an educational class on some new software. It was the best use of time to be in the comfort of my home and able to watch and participate in a live class that happened to be broadcasting from California. This was an opportunity that I would never have been able to attend personally, but was happy to have the chance to learn with this live webcast coming right to my computer.

In this age of technology, we have to run to keep up to speed. Time is a commodity, and there seems to be less time to learn more. Here at DDA, we can help make your time a little more organized. As a full-service advertising agency, we are also a webcasting company that offers Internet webcasting, live video webcasting and on-demand webcasting. Since so much of our time is spent right here in front of our computers, it’s easy to reach your audience with video streaming. Time just got smarter.

Entry by: debbie


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