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Archive for October, 2009

Forms And Their Use

Forms. They mean different things to different people. In the summer because I am a gardener, I think about using forms to create miniscapes in different parts of the garden. If I were a contractor working on building a house for a customer, forms  could mean concrete forms for a foundation, forms to add a water feature to the yard etc.

But if you work with retail or businesses who sell services or products on the web forms mean a valuable method of mining data. This has become a standard way of capturing names and other pertinent information to be used many ways. But it is not as simple as it sounds.

Companies have to be very careful how and what they want from a form especially if it is to include a free giveaway. The key word is validation. Should it be client side or server side validation? I think definitely client side. What is key is that the person filling out the form provides content that meets the expectation of the client, the marketer.

We had an example recently where a form one of our clients sent out (not DDA’s work) did not have the right safe guards and our client was forced to send out more samples of the product because that was what was promised. If DDA had created the form, we would have tested it to prevent errors, we would have added restrictions to avoid mischief, we would have made sure the form would generate quality data only.

Companies needing forms know when they come to DDA to build their websites, they can count on our programmers to create forms that will generate reliable data. Nothing bogus ever. It is a fine art.

Entry by: elizabeth

Broadcast Quality Digital Video Services

DDA, Dynamic Digital Advertising, can record, edit and duplicate standard VHS tapes, add multi-media elements, stream for the web, and burn to DVD or CD-ROM. With all of the types of video services we offer, DDA will be able to provide your company with the perfect video. From editing & production, duplication to webcasting and video production, we handle it all in-house.

A few of our video categories include corporate videos, instructional videos, streaming videos and trade show videos. Check out DDAVideo.com today to read about our complete video capabilities and services.

Entry by: jess

Make Your Money Count

You know that old expression…”too good to be true”? Well, in this very depressed economy, there are many instances of quick and dirty seemingly quality sales that turn out to be a bad buy. On the other hand, there are many bargain hunters out there determined to “steal” what they are after by suggesting ridiculously low prices.

Segue to a marketing and advertising agency like DDA where we are doing all we can to offer only custom, quality work, totally created in the USA for affordable prices. When companies put out bids for a project be it a new website or a flash interface to be used in an existing site, or when they look for videographers to tape a medical presentation, the bids come back from high to low. What each sales and marketing manager has to factor in is what each bid offers that enhances the project and impact the company’s bottom line positively. How capable is the team behind the quote.

This is where DDA excels. We have endless examples on our corporate and medical portfolios that should convince any company to at least talk to our business development team. Borrowing from the UPS mantra, It pays to find out what DDA can do for you !

Entry by: elizabeth


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