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Archive for November, 2009

Method to the Madness

This past weekend, we put up Christmas lights on and around the front of the house. Every year I try to set a theme in motion and implement it in a tasteful, not tacky manner. Last year it was “old fashioned Christmas” with big multicolored bulbs and classic signage while this year is a candy-cane extravaganza with red and white swirls and candy-canes lining the walkway to the door. I have to say I think I did a pretty good job this year as our neighbor, who is so meticulous about his lights that he measures equal distance of the light strands, stood back and said how beautiful it looks.

While hunting for the lights I needed at the home improvement stores, I was on a mission. I quickly maneuvered myself and cart around people perusing the assortment of lights with a blank stare, not sure what to get or how many lights they would need. It was like an obstacle course, but I dodged and dived and found my way out. Of all the shoppers, I felt like one of the few that had a method to the madness.

At DDA, the web developers, programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, search engine optimization technicians, animators, illustrators, videographers, and others plan the development of their piece in a project well in advance, so that our time is most efficient and the end product is of the highest quality. We’re a team of planners, thinkers, and doers. And just like this year’s light show, we leave even the toughest skeptic to please in awe.

Entry by: laura

Tis the Season for Gratitude

Gratitude for all things this year.

Good business, Good clients, Good work.

Americans may be having a rough time of it between wars and a poor economy, but we truly have so much to be grateful for.

Freedom, innovation, opportunity, personal growth, relative peace, security and the pride of living in the what is arguably the greatest country/civilization in the history of the world. It is not perfect, nothing is, but we can all be proud to call ourselves Americans.

DDA is also proud to boldly state, on every page of our websites that we conceptualize, create, and produce advertising that is Made in America. No off-shoring, no outsourcing, no subcontracting. Made by degreed and experienced American advertising and technology professionals, in the United States.

When you hire DDA to create a medical e-learning platform or CME,  or  you contract with DDA Medical to build a traffic generation patient information website, or you have us program a personal health record, you are getting the best and the brightest America has to offer. No shortcuts, no bait-and-switch, no inexperienced artists, technologists, writers, programmers, animators.

Like America, DDA is the real deal.

Entry by: david

Staying True Blue

This past week, starting with Black Friday, it has been all about bargains. The big box stores and specialty stores too are trying to lure customer dollars by offering 50-80% off all kinds of products. And to add to the hype, they open their doors at six am. I used to work in wholesale, and I am here to tell you, quite often that reduced price may not be 50% off the original listed price let along 60, 70 or 80% off.

So how do you determine whether you are getting a real deal? One way is to do your homework. Know quality, compare apples to apples and don’t get distracted by seemingly “too good to be true” pricing.

The same can be said for marketing and sales managers who are crawling the internet, combing through advertising and marketing websites like DDA trying to determine which one  is true blue but still a bargain. Here are few hints on how not to get duped. Check out the different companies websites. Look at posted portfolios. And then pick up the phone and ask questions that will cue in to whether a particular agency knows what it is doing with professional graphic design, flash development, animation. programming, content development, organic search engine marketing, videography etc. Oh, and be sure to ask for references.

Without question, there is a lot to sort through. Finding the right vendor today on the internet takes time, but finding the right fit can mean the difference between a mediocre 2010 and a year that brings your product or service to the right audiences with originality thus effectively creating the visibility your company needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Search no further. DDA is the advertising and marketing company you are looking for. We don’t offer fire sale bargains just the best possible work, guaranteed at very competitive pricing.

Entry by: elizabeth


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