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Archive for December, 2009

Snowy New Years Eve

I woke up this morning to find way more snow on the ground than expected. Come to think of it, I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow so I guess you could say it was quite a shock. You might remember reading about the last time I drove to work in the snow. It wasn’t too bad until my poor little Mustang couldn’t make it up the icy DDA driveway! That’s what I get for driving a rear-wheel sports car in the winter. Lesson learned. Today I borrowed the family car so I didn’t have any issues. It looks like the weather has calmed down for now so let’s hope it stays that way for tonight.

I’m excited to start a new year with DDA. With all of the stuff we’ve been working on recently, there’s no doubt that we will continue to create even more advanced and intricate projects that “wow” our clients. DDA Medical has been advancing in a way that leaves other medical marking companies scratching their heads in disbelief. Since we stay far, far away from the typical cookie-cutter website templates, rehashed logos, and overused stock video elements, thats usually the reaction we get. As we head into 2010, we’ll be thinking of even more ways to create quality custom work that will continue to blow the competition away!

Entry by: matt


I am back from a few fun and refreshing days off, enjoying family and friends and catching up on some sleep. I find my desk minimally coated with a few papers and issues for my attention. After reviewing more than quite a few emails, I have (sort of) caught myself up on things, and I have found that Crystal, our ever busy multitasker and support system, has taken care of all of the issues that have needed attention, in both Spanish and English no less! She has done some major renovations to one of our medical websites about kidney cancer, adding pending menus and rearranging and reorganizing pages so that the new medical information can be more easily understood - not to mention the addition of  animated medical images and a new medical interview video.

DDA Medical is proud to take the extra steps to create healthcare eLearning that help people to understand and take better control of their lives, and now in Spanish too. Thanks Crystal!

Entry by: debbie

Leave The Work To The DDA Experts

Forecasting either the weather or the economy is fraught with inconsistencies. Okay, once in a while a guru gets it right, but truth be told each of us has to be prepared. On a cold snowy day, be prepared. Try not to leave things to chance. Do you have gas, are your tires sound, are you bundled up? Give yourself extra time to get places. All common sense ideas.

When it comes to the economy, we all play different roles. One thing we can do collectively is use our money well. A bargain is not a bargain if you just bought that coat you will use only once because you already have several. Don’t order a large salad for lunch and throw away half. Little changes in our personal behavior can make a difference.

At DDA, we work ten hour days cognizant that time is what we sell. We keep our clients in the loop with how much of their budget goes to planning, how much to graphic design, how much to changes. It helps that we give constant time checks through our TRACS. Funny how clients never realize that “playing designer” can be costly. Just as costly is changing your mind once a project is under way.

The buzz word these days is PRICE, but is it really?  The lowest bid most likely means the skimpiest design and shoddy quality. At DDA Medical and DDA Corporate we refuse to work that way. There are many vendors out there who talk the talk, use buzz words, but their resulting products are unsatisfactory, and sadly too many sales and marketing people are not savvy enough to distinguish real custom work from the sub par.

So remember, price is important, but it should not be the determining factor when looking for a vendor. Quality, originality, sophistication, long shelf life (your product be it an eLearning webcast or a medical CME) should look new for several years. If you look at the DDA  portfolios, you’ll see what I mean.

Start the new decade out right, jump on the DDA band wagon!

Entry by: elizabeth


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