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Archive for January, 2010

Lead, Don’t Follow

Everyone who works at DDA can attest to one fact: we all wear several hats. One of the strengths of a company like ours is that we can rely on one another for a variety of tasks. And believe me not a day goes by that there are not details, details, details. Complex and simple, technological and clerical, financial and creative, details needing solutions compounded by time issues.

However, at DDA we function like a well-oiled machine and I am proud that there are no weak links in our chain.

When companies are looking for a vendor who can provide them with numerous services, DDA measures up. Whether it is print projects or a new website or retrofitting an old one, or whether the need is for serious programming work or video and flash work, we can provide.

That takes a special, cohesive group with a multitude of talents.  We are a rare breed, and the most important thing we do for companies is save them time and money. Unfortunately too many businesses out there are sacred to be different. That is why when you surf the internet there is too many mediocre sites, too little originality.

Don’t copy. Be different, stand out from your competition. Call DDA!

Entry by: elizabeth

Robotic Punxsutawney Phil

This morning while getting ready for work, I caught a brief news blurb about Pennsylvania’s beloved groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. It seems animal rights activists have taken offense to our longstanding February 2nd tradition and are demanding an animatronic Phil replacement. Can you imagine? A period-dressed man wearing a top hat, lifting a robotic representation of a fury groundhog. I don’t know about you, but for me, this would certainly kill the tradition. In short, certain things are irreplaceable. Take for instance Search Engine Marketing. Everyone wants the top positions on major search engines like Google, but few are willing to put in the needed effort to get there. Instead, businesses build non-search engine friendly, template sites and pay top dollar for pay-per-click campaigns. There is a better way–an organic way– but it takes work and a team of specialists. DDA is that specialist. In fact, we are an award-winning search engine marketing firm that has been fine-tuning our technique since our inception. With a full staff of web developers, professional SEO copywriters, and graphic designers, we routinely build content-rich sites that raise site standings to the top pages of Google with nothing more than relevant, keyword-rich content. What’s more as an interactive advertising agency, we offer so much more than SEO services. From integrated flash video to full on virtual reality environments, DDA is the obvious choice for corporate and medical organizations looking to secure a powerful and effective web presence.

Entry by: elise

dependable DDA-ers

Neither rain, nor sleet nor even snow…. the old postmans’ motto even applies to our staff. This morning at DDA’s Southampton office, the sun is shining, and although it’s a bit brisk outside, it’s still business as usual. Wait, upon closer inspection, we find that our indomitable New Business Manager is not at her desk, and one of our tricky flash programmers is just arriving, looking flustered. It seems that there was a rather large unscheduled snowstorm that snuck in to the north and wreaked havoc on rush-hour traffic, closing roadways and causing accidents - ugh!!! Well, one has managed to make his way through the madness, but after a few hours of frustration, another has decided to work from home.

Here at DDA, everything here is being taken care of, not missing a beat. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, work can be handled from home, a parking lot or even a traffic jam. Nothing stops the flow of any of our services, such as medical copywriting services, medical website designs, medical IT services, or even medical video streaming. The original saying written 2500 years ago: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” can also be said for our own dependable DDA-ers.

Entry by: debbie


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