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Archive for February, 2010

Not Perfect but Close

It is a harsh reality that despite careful planning, mistakes happen. Last night during the prime time airing of the winter Olympic games, we saw an example of this with the women’s Super G event. Julia Mancuso, the favored skier, caught a bad break when she was flagged off the course after her teammate was struggling to free herself from a fence. As a result, her record-breaking run was cut short and a do-over required. Because of the less than favorable weather conditions and the exertion of energy she already expended during her first run, Mancuso’s second performance was a disappointing one landing her far below the leader board. Even with the rules set in place and the careful planning that went into the Olympic games, occurrences like this happen and the only course of action acceptable when they occur is to accept the reality and move forward.

This is something everyone must learn to do, including the staff here at our full-service advertising agency. Take for instance the live webcast DDA facilitated last night in Denver, Colorado. At 10 pm sharp, the webcast began and a few seconds in, a malfunction with the camera resulted in a momentary loss of audio. Because Laurence and I were overseeing the webinar remotely and communicating directly with our on-location video staff, we were able to inform our team of the error the moment it happened. Because of this, the audio was almost immediately restored, resulting in a final presentation that we can proudly label as a success.  Though we would prefer to be, perfection is not always attainable but with the help of our DDA programming, video, design, and support staff, we get close to this lofty aspiration.

Entry by: elise

Community Features

The other day I was reading an article online discussing the importance of building online communities with your website. Why is this important? Because it gives users a reason to return to your website regular. Forums, blogs, image sharing, and social networking sites can be used to create a lasting interest in your company. After all, if a user finds your website and reads everything, not many will have the need to return to your site unless they want to brush up on something - or in the best case scenario, contact you for your products or services. But with online communities, you can encourage users to constantly return to your site to see the latest news and happenings.

DDA is well poised to build community forums, social networking sites, blogs, and even position your company with social networking optimization. We’ve been doing these things for years, and this article only re-accesses  the need for companies to do so. For medical practices, we can create patient and physician portals that take advantage of forums, request a prescriptions, speak with your doctor, or even allow the practice to post the latest news in the medical field. Corporate businesses can build similar communities that focus on news regarding their latest products or services, integrates live webcast or virtual tradeshow events, and so much more.

Entry by: Andrew

Live Webcast Series Progress

Well, we’re 3/4 of the way through a series of live pharmaceutical webcasts with the last 2 being next week and then we’re on to the archive webcasts. Viewers will still need to log in at a scheduled time to watch the rebroadcasts of the archived video. Once the presentation has ended they can then call in and speak to the presenter live and ask any questions. For this series we’ve sent a crew to a number of locations across the US. Who knows where the next one will take us but its pretty neat to know that wherever we are, as long as there’s a power source and a decent Internet connection, we can broadcast video live and globally!

Entry by: laurence


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