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Archive for September, 2010

Back to Basics, but Better than Before!

Web trends change almost as often as fashion. Early website designs are akin to high school yearbook photos. In the 90’s - the Web’s early, awkward years - websites were simple. If you were daring enough to create one, it likely included a basic menu structure, a few rough graphics in a clean layout, and short, but sweet content to satisfy your taste for information. Grunge wear was in and the look was big, baggy jeans, flannel shirts, and baby doll dresses. Oh the days! As I write, the memories of high school dances and AOL chats are rushing back!

Once we all realized we survived Y2K, websites really started to evolve, including an onslaught of distracting web banners; sounds like annoying beeps and elevator music; chained menus, submenus and tertiary dropdowns; and thousands of pages built for search engine optimization. Hello information overload! The early part of the 21st century also brought with it low rise jeans, fleece tracksuits, tight mini dresses, “the tough guys wear pink craze,” as well as fashion influences in Boho, HipHop, Pop culture, Hipster, and Emo. Hello melting pot!

Then, as the years rolled on, came embedded video, virtual worlds, 3D animation, interactive tools, and with these items, fashion trends like Boho De Luxe (which includes glamour and exotic details) and Modern Simplicity (which includes a cross between minimalism and whimsy decorations). Today, website design is getting back to basics, but it’s better than ever before. At our interactive marketing and advertising agency, clients want simple and sophisticated designs with an incredible WOW factor - whether it is visual, high-tech, or a combination thereof. Gone are the days of rough graphic websites, and so too are the days of websites filled with so much junk that they are a ticking time bomb of self destruction. Our clients have spoken and we have listened, routinely delivering websites that are easy to use, fun to explore, technically advanced, and unbelievably impressive. We were there in the 90’s designing companys’ first websites and we’re here today designing some of the best sites on the Web.

Entry by: laura

Fall Season

We have been officially into the Fall season now for almost a week and the tell tale signs are everywhere. Fallen leaves are plentiful and I am crunching them whether walking or driving. With the abundance of fallen leaves comes the smell of Fall as well. You know the smell, it smells like a pile of dead leaves. The drive home is getting darker. There is extra dew on my car in the morning. It’s chillier outside in general. My neighbors even have their Halloween decorations up already. The radio is starting to heavily promote the Halloween destinations too. I want to go to one of them this year. I am thinking that I’ll either end up going to the Eastern State Penitentiary, the Bates Motel, or some new place that I forget the name of that is made by the same people who run the Bates Motel. This new place has something called the tunnel of terror. All the places sound so cool that it will be hard to pick. I like being scared though so any one of them should be fun.

Fall season at DDA has the same signs like crunching leaves and a darker drive home, but there is also the notice of it being busier. Since Fall is the busy season for DDA, everyone’s plates will seem like they are getting fuller than usual. Not Thanksgiving plates of food either, but our theoretical workload plates. I’ve got a nice full plate right now as I’m sure many others do as well. Everyone does the work in their own area from 3D animation, to video production, to graphic design, to copywriting, to custom programming, and more. I personally have a nice mix of Flash and Coldfusion programming projects right now to keep me very busy. Full work loads should make the days fly by and we’ll be through Christmas and back into the Summer heat before you know it. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you to keep our plates full.

Entry by: vinnie


Today, I’ve relocated to some new digs. In my old spot I was next to the whole building’s phone and Internet systems with wires and sounds galore. The constant and various buzzing and beeping noises had begun to really wear on me and I kept dreading going back to that room. The noise may not sound that bad if you just stop by, but sit with it for 10 hours a day and you’ll understand.

Frequent headaches were becoming the norm and the only way I could drown out the annoying noise was with louder noise in my headphones. I could never have silence. Plus, I felt like the beast of equipment was radiating on me all the time and it was just a worry on my mind. So I asked for a new spot and am now in a nice quiet room. You’ll find me next to the lunchroom and across from the bathrooms. I even got a new fancy shmancy folder organizer to use instead of my usual pile so my spot looks nicer too. So far so good.

Now that my big move is over, it’s back to work in the digital world.  I can go on doing my usual 3D animation, flash animation, custom programming, and whatever else in peace and quiet. I can only imagine I’ll be able to be more focused and keep a clearer mind without the noise or the louder noise to drown out the noise always in my head. So onward into the work day I shall go with mouse and keyboard in hand to conquer the digital world… or at least my task list.

Entry by: vinnie


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