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Archive for October, 2010

New And Exciting, The VLE Method

How the Digital Age has changed the world. As a world community we are privileged to communicate and learn about almost anything by logging on and searching. Granted, not everyone is enticed by improving their basic knowledge about different subjects, but to those who believe in the pursuit of excellence the virtual world creates no limits.

In the work we do at DDA, our teams spend more than fifty percent of their time building medical VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments, and because they are so immersed in the work, if you listen to the dialogue you would swear they were resident doctors. So imagine how exciting it must be for people who want to dedicate their lives to medicine to be able to practice their skills virtually, take assessment tests, and go forward into practice with more confidence.

Of course VLEs are not just for the medical profession. At our advertising and marketing company we can conceptualize, build and structure any subject presented to us. It is a new age of learning and what makes it profound is that the individual controls the pace and the absorbing rate. Guess what, everyone who wants to learn through the virtual route can excel. Unlike the traditional method, no one need fail. The VLE method can make one an expert!

Entry by: elizabeth

Virtual Learning Environments Made Easy

Learning is never an easy task and being forced to learn is even more onerous. The question DDA and DDA Medical asks itself day in and day out is how do people learn best. The answer of course is they learn best the way they learn best.

No two individuals are alike, neither are there learning styles, preferences or abilities. Perhaps that is exactly why, school systems, around the world generally do such a poor job of sharing knowledge and stimulating the thirst to learn. Wanting to learn is as important as the curriculum, the teacher, the school room or the media utilized.

Wanting to learn is predicated on it being fun, easy, engaging - kind of an organic experience. Nothing contrived, nothing artificial, nothing forced. When you think about it, living, laughing, loving, sharing, dancing and a hundred other ings are organic experiences that no one teaches you…you just do.

DDA and DDA Medical’s capabilities in conceptualizing, designing, developing, and deploying organic elearning, virtual learning environments, virtual medical and non-medical simulation experiences goes well beyond the norm. We believe that it is virtually impossible to find a training or learning or teaching task we cannot enhance, maximize and successfully deploy in ways that every learner will feel comfortable with.

Entry by: david

The way to Train: Web-based Learning Platforms

New technology is forever shaping the landscape in which we live.  Regardless of place, time,  and regardless of location, people can connect to businesses,  networks, and each other through forms of digital communication that are forcing organizations of all kinds to reevaluate how they reach their staff and audience. Take for instance training. Web-based eLearning has taken paper-based and face-to-face training into the virtual realm. Organizations no longer have to arrange costly training sessions to bring associates from various locations together. Now, through one web-based platform, associates can connect, engage, and perform a number of training tasks from the convenience of a home or office setting. From virtual medical device simulations to courseware and testing, a robust Learning Management System (LMS) can exponentially increase an organization’s training capabilities and resources. DDA Corp and DDA Medical, a full-service eLearning developer and provider, is just the company to help your business realize a better way.

  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLE):  Don’t show, don’t tell, but engage. With virtual learning environments, put the user in control. Our extreme capabilities in animation, programming, and interactive technologies enable us to build life-like simulation environments that give trainees the valuable hands-on experience that is key to material proficiency.
  • Testing and Accreditation: Know with certainty that your staff has grasped important training concepts with testing to confirm comprehension. With robust back-end reporting and administrative capabilities, reviewing the performance of an individual or department can be achieved with ease.

Entry by: elise


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