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Archive for November, 2010

Flash eLearning Tool Conversion to iPad App

The past couple weeks I have been concentrating on the conversion of one of our virtual learning environment tools to an iPad App. The tool is built using Flash and the idea of converting it to an App came in the concluding stages of the tool development. Luckily, Apple recently granted permission for Adobe’s Flash platform to convert to iOS App. But unfortunately, there are a number of limitations concerning the capabilities of a Flash generated App. Embedded video performance isn’t great, animations need to be fairly simple and a number of the iOS APIs are not accessible. However, I am pretty pleased with the conversion so far and hope that our client and Apple will agree. We have a couple more eLearning and medical simulation tools lined up for App conversion and deployment and I have a feeling I’ll be getting pretty acquainted with Apple’s Online iOS Dev Center, and that’s a good thing!

Entry by: laurence

Thanks to Virtual Simulations and Mobile Applications

This Thanksgiving, there’s much to be thankful for.

Thanks to the virtual medical simulations we developed for our clients this year, physicians from the United Kingdom, Slovena, Turkey, Germany, Holland, and the United States will learn the steps and techniques involved in performing effective radiology interventions through the use of live 3D image needle guidance. By participating in the virtual medical simulations we developed either individually and remotely or in group workshops, these physicians are actually enjoying learning about the latest technology through a hands-on approach. With a firm skill set in place, they can apply this technology to perform complex vascular/non-vascular/embolization/oncology procedures and provide excellent clinical care with improved patient outcomes.

Thanks to the mobile applications we developed for our clients this year, we’re able to help businesses reach customers and clients on the go, whether they are using an iPad or iPhone, Android or another Smartphone. Through our mobile application design and development services, we have successfully converted interactive and eLearning tools built for the Web into mobile apps with the same user friendly navigation and we have effectively created mobile apps from the ground up that are popular downloads from the App store with their given genre or industry segment. By appealing to clients and customers on the go, we are able to help businesses large and small, young and old meet the needs of a fast-paced society.

Interested in how your company can take advantage of these and other marketing and advertising strategies? Contact us by phone at 215-355-6442 or by email at sales@ddapa.com.

Entry by: laura

Get The Attention You Deserve

Last week we were in the studio shooting the first in a series of three in-house video productions for a new medical website. There were 18 scripts, each explaining the various features of the client’s medical services. Once we shoot the next two actors, we’ll be keying out the background and compositing the actors right into the website. As the web user clicks around to the various pages, they’ll see high definition video of doctors and patients talking about the company’s background and the great services they provide to their customers.

But that’s not all the site will have… With the help of our talented copywriters and search marketing researchers, we’ll make sure it has highly-optimized, keyword-rich content with a sleek, professional look. Every one of our websites has the perfect balance of design, business marketing and search engine optimization requirements so your website gets the attention it deserves!

Entry by: matt


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