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Archive for February, 2011

Your Green Light to Going Mobile

As technology companies compete to bring the latest and greatest mobile devices to market, consumers can’t wait to get their hands on them, check out the new features that are available, and boast that they are among the few who stay on the cutting edge. Our on-the-go society is comprised of multitaskers, thrill-seekers, game players, messengers, commenters, and creators of an even faster paced tomorrow. We’re connected to each other and our world like never before, plugged in to personal and international goings-on, and programmed to upload an unlimited amount of data into brains about the size of an orange or grapefruit.

With 300,000 (and growing) mobile applications in the App store and more than 10 billion downloads, it’s evident that the market is there for companies to reach their consumers wherever they are and at any time. Dynamic Digital Advertising can help you connect with your customers through our comprehensive mobile application development services. Our mobile application designs are completely custom and tailored to your unique specifications, whether your objective is to train or inform, entertain or provide your customers increased convenience in their daily lives.

We can create mobile business applications that help your operations run more effectively and efficiently, that save your company money and your employees time. As your mobile application developer, we can assist you through the process by submitting the App we design to Apple, modifying as needed to obtain approval for inclusion in the App store, and facilitating payment and financial reports so you can keep track of your most recent earnings, amounts owed, most recent payment and unit sales, and payment trends.

When you’re ready to go mobile, go with Dynamic Digital Advertising.

Entry by: laura

Electricity Issues

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. It was the day of a lot of ice and yesterday I talked about how I chiseled the ice from my car and how the groundhog predicted an earlier Spring for once. Well a little bit later that day all of that ice decided to wreak havoc on our power lines. We lost power a little bit after 10. We called the electricity supplier and they said it would be back on at 12:30, so the boss treated us to a nice diner breakfast/lunch in the downtime. Then as we were finishing another call was made to see if the power was back on yet and this time the estimate said it wouldn’t be back on until 5:16. Not only is that a weird time to estimate, but it would also ruin the whole work day. So we went back to get our stuff and I left. I made it about 15 minutes away when I got a call to say that the power was back on and I could come back. I was stunned. What kind of estimate was 5:16 when it’s already back on at 12:15? Apparently some people were about to leave still when it popped back on, so the alert went out to the people that had already departed. I made it back and apparently about 10 seconds before I stepped in the building the power went out again. What!? I was stunned. A call to get a time estimate now just said to call back later and we just waited. A little bit before 1, the power came back on again and this time for good. The second half of the work day was salvaged. It was quite a roller coaster day of electric events, but we got through it eventually.

So DDA can be stopped apparently by one thing, the loss of electricity. Luckily the whole country basically runs on electricity, so if we aren’t working then basically nobody else is probably working either. That doesn’t mean the work won’t get done though. It will just be delayed until the power comes back on. Once that electric juice is flowing again, we are back to our Flash animation, video editing, digital photography, custom web design, custom programming, copywriting, search engine marketing (SEM), and everything else we do in the marketing and digital world. So give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you, but only when the electricity is on of course.

Entry by: vinnie

From Ice to Early Spring

It’s been an interesting Groundhog Day so far and it’s still not even 9 am in the morning. I woke up to one of the most miserable looking weather spectacles in a while. Everything was coated in a thick ice, but it was also raining pretty hard and melting at the same time. So when it came to scraping the car off I had a real hard time with the windshield and rear window. I couldn’t chip through the ice at all with my ice scraper on the back or front window for a bit. The only reason I was able to get the windshield semi clear at all was because I was able to break ice off at the windshield wipers and could chip upwards somewhat from there. The rear window had no wipers and I had no such luck scraping it. I ended up leaving that covered in ice and it is still covered in ice after the whole ride to work. The side windows were surprisingly easy to clear because with the above freezing temperatures the ice was not stuck tight to the glass. I was able to roll down the windows and break the ice off from the inside.

On the drive I had defrosts blasting but my little viewing area that I had chipped off didn’t seem to be expanding at all. Then about a half hour into the drive, the ice suddenly shattered on the windshield and scared me half to death. It was incredibly loud and I thought my windshield was shattering. Once I realized that nothing was wrong, I slowed my heart rate back to normal and began enjoying my new expanded view of the road. The back window though stayed stubborn and never cleared up. The roads must have been salted well because they weren’t too bad, but there were power outages and all the stoplights on Route 313 were completely out when I was driving down it. My car didn’t actually slip from ice at all until I got to work and slid a little bit past the driveway. I did the same exact thing last week from the snowstorm. I actually slid past my house last night when I went home too. I guess I should slow down sooner when approaching my final destinations in bad weather.

The good news for Groundhog Day is that the groundhog did not see his shadow this year! Hooray! It isn’t often that he doesn’t see his shadow and it’s a good omen because it means Spring will come sooner. With the Winter we’ve had this year I know that there are a lot of people looking forward to the warmer weather again. A groundhog is by no means scientific and I don’t know his track record for being correct, but it’s a glimmer of hope. He’s got to have some sort of accuracy or he probably wouldn’t have his own holiday. Onward to Spring!

Whatever the season, DDA will still be working on many various digital projects. We do everything from Flash animation to video editing to custom web design to even advanced programming. That’s just a taste of our extensive list of services. We pretty much do everything that you could need for marketing or your Internet presence. Check out our website or one of our portfolios to get a better idea of what we really can do. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.

Entry by: vinnie


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