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Archive for January, 2012

The Mobile Migration

Just as there was a slow progression of companies to migrate online with more than template websites, companies are now slowly adopting the mobile marketplace. Whether there is a need to convert an existing website to smartphone and tablet formats, or there is a desire to create an interactive mobile application to be sold in iTunes, DDA does it all.

Whereas a few years ago, going mobile was thought of almost in the aftermath of a new website design, promotional video, or instructional animation, the topic is addressed at onset at DDA. We want you to think about the mobile application of your projects, so that they have longevity and value as your consumers make their first major mobile device purchase or continue to upgrade their device to the latest and greatest.

At DDA, we’ll develop creative ways to help you maximize the smaller screen size and touch navigation of smartphones and tablets. Plus, we’ll provide assistance through the Apple submission and approval process. As you join the mobile migration, consider the expertise and experience behind DDA’s mobile and application development. Our team will help propel your company to the forefront of the mobile pack.

Entry by: laura

Never Once and Done

Award-winning graphic design, powerful search engine optimization, persuasive copywriting, intuitive navigation, secure hosting; all of these are valid reasons why clients choose Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) for their website design and development projects. I find that the biggest benefit we have to offer our clients is the ability to take their website in any direction they wish, to expand and grow the website over time, improve its functionality and capability, and provide conversion strategies for the latest mobile devices.

Unlike template-building website companies where their services are once and done, DDA’s work is completely custom and because we are staffed with professional animators, illustrators, designers, writers, programmers, videographers, photographers, and search marketing experts, we’re able to turn dreams into reality time after time. Most of our clients rely on us long term to evolve their website, whether it is to add entertainment value through a spokesperson video or instructional animation, or to provide greater utility through online forms or administrative back-end systems. With DDA, you get more than a website, you receive a powerful marketing tool that can grow and strengthen your business in ways you never before thought possible.

Entry by: laura

Misspellings, Bad Grammar, & Poor Copy

Far too often, I come across a script that was written by a client to be read, not spoken; see a sign along my commute with featured words or phrases blatantly misspelled; or receive an email blast with copy that turns off a reader faster than the email took to land in my inbox. As a professional writer, I admit that I am subjective on the subject of copywriting. One would assume that I would automatically cringe at the sight of misspellings, bad grammar, and poor copy. This is one assumption that is indeed correct. I argue, however, that as we are all part of an advanced and intelligent society, all of us should take a stand against these violations of the English language. Newsflash, not everyone is a “writer.” Accepting this is the first step.

Brace yourself as step two requires you to do a little work. Spend some time searching for degreed copywriters who have a writing style that will resonate with your target audience. Ask to see a sample of their writing. Put their writing to the test on a small project. Then, if a positive impact has been achieved, utilize the copywriter for all of your external communications so that a consistent tone is conveyed across all media types. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we are staffed with a team of four degreed copywriters who come from a variety of backgrounds and each possess a unique style. Our copywriting services are affordable and the work we output is creative, smart, and high quality. Put us to the test on your next marketing project. We’re sure to pass with flying colors!

Entry by: laura


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