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a typical dda workday

Raising two active little boys under the age of 5 is hard. Rewarding, incredibly fulfilling, and fun are also words I’d use, but it’s definitely hard, physically and mentally . Right before I go to bed, I check in on each of them. My 2-yr old first since his room is right at the top of the steps. Usually his socks are off, and lately one arm is out of his jammies when I find him curled into a ball with his head smashed up against the bed rail. I pop his socks back on and tuck his arm back in his jammies, kiss him goodnight and put his covers back on, because god help you if you try to put covers on him before he falls asleep. Then, I head to my almost 5-year old’s room and usually find him in the exact same position from when I tucked him in. Blanket and bear under each arm and finally motionless and calm. It is the only time of the day I see him like this as his little body does not sit still. I really do believe he has ants in his pants. This five minutes before I go to bed is my favorite time of the day. Well, maybe 2nd favorite… the moment right after they fall asleep and I flop on the couch is quite enjoyable. It’s during this time as I’m tucking them in that all wrong doings are forgiven, they are perfect little boys, warm, huggable and resting for another day of excitement.

DDA’s busy workday is similar to raising two little boys. At 8am our office doors are open, computers are booted up and the office begins to buzz with staff members answering emails, returning phone calls and working on medical CME websites, eLearning technologies for healthcare professionals and e-commerce shopping carts for medical and corporate companies to name a few. Staff members are busily attending meetings, preparing for conference calls and brainstorming for the next eLearning tool interface design. Promptly at 6pm our computers are put to sleep, lights are turned off and the door is locked. DDA sleeps for the night and rests for another day of excitement, meetings, emails and possibilities.

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Entry by: carrie


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