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We didn’t have any “bad weather” this weekend.  It wasn’t bad at all, it was awesome.  Growing up in the Midwest, snowstorms were things to look forward to (if it’s snowing, it’s not in the negative temps usually), and they still are to me, as an adult.  I don’t necessarily go out during the bad weather (mostly because I don’t trust the other drivers) and I’m not a fan of being cold, but it just takes a little bundling up and everything is fine.  My first big winter purchase in Minnesota from about 10 years ago was a pair of boots that I actually got to use while shoveling out the cars.  My toes were not cold.  I got to go back into the house and put my gloves on the radiator to let them dry.  My nose was all drippy and I had nothing to be stressed about.  It sort of felt like being a kid again, just without the fort building and snowball fight.

So while today there’s nothing cold about Coldfusion, I have my sights finally set on getting into the full force flash work that I’ve been trying to do, but can’t due to issues with other projects that needed to be done “yesterday.”  The thing I think I want to focus on this week is a flash upload function.  There are code snippets and full programs out there that can do a file upload, but we’ll be wanting to have it also interact with a database as well, so we’ll need to know filenames and have some file upload feedback as well.  So while I can do a form in Flash (and think it’s a silly way to do things), the file function may be the more important thing for rounding out my knowledge base.

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Entry by: amy


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