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No Short Cuts

If you are a follower of my blog, I’m sure you are aware of my driving mishap that resulted in a total loss of my 2007 Nissan Versa. Last week I replaced my beloved car with a 2006 Ford Fusion. So far, I love the vehicle and am enjoying the rituals of new car ownership. And by rituals I mean excessive cleaning, maintenance, and care. Last week, I replaced the windshield wipers, filled the tires with air, and checked all fluid levels and this weekend I took advantage of the nice weather and gave the car a needed wash. As the car belonged to a woman living in a retirement facility, it was rarely driven and from the looks of it, rarely washed. As a result, the exterior of the  car was covered with a thick layer of dirt and even mold in a few places. With the help of my Dad and a good amount of effort, time, and elbow grease, my Ford Fusion looks as good as new. In total, we spent a little over three hours washing, vacuuming, and waxing the car–longer than anticipated but definitely worth the effort.

To do things right, takes time. In today’s world of deadlines and jam-packed schedules, many of us look for the fast way of doing things but oftentimes this approach can lead to a less than desired outcome. At our full-service medical marketing and advertising agency, we are faced with this dilemma on a daily basis. Many clients come to us with a project request and a tight deadline and as an agency dedicated to client satisfaction, we do our best to meet all needs. But never will we sacrifice quality for speed. When developing a medical simulation, eLearning program , or healthcare IT platform, we work as swiftly and efficiently as possible all while maintaining a high standard of quality. If a deadline is unrealistic, we’ll say so at the get go as issuing false promises is not in our make up. Choose DDA Medical and have the assurance of a company that is honest, transparent,  efficient,  and eager to put in the hours and effort required to deliver an exceptional end result.

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Entry by: elise


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