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Upgrade this

Last Wednesday I got a flier in the mail that normally I would have disregarded.  It looked just like all the other SPAM I get from political parties or someone trying to get me to switch companies with some service.  But it was my cable company, the one I already have, telling me that they’re changing my service and that I have to get this FREE set top box or I will lose certain channels.  Well, I didn’t have time to get to the local office on the two days that I could (45 minutes away from work with the same hours doesn’t help me), and when I called up the phone number, they just tried to sell me a plan I didn’t want.  I don’t need a phone, I don’t want 8 billion channels I’m not going to watch, I just want the kids to be able to watch the Cartoon Network, which is really the only huge casualty in this.  Of course it only took a few minutes and I was already looking at plans that included digital cable (box rental I’m sure is an additional fee) which are what I’m paying (for standard cable) so I was even more annoyed.

So what does this story have to do with DDA or my job?  Other than the fact that if I didn’t need internet for on-call work I’d just drop the company totally, it reminded me of all the stories we hear from new clients about their last website design company.  Story after story of people selling one thing and then producing something else.  Stories of programming ‘upgrades’ with loss of functionality.  Stories of spending more money for a website and not getting exactly what they want.  I can understand the frustration.

Here at DDA we try to remove as much of this sort of frustration as possible.  When we walk into any project we sit down and get a plan together that everyone agrees upon.  We have checks put in throughout the process to insure that our clients get just what they asked for.  In the end, we want to have everyone happy.

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Entry by: amy


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