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Value vs. Valuable

There are many B2B and B2C marketing messages that are overused and a good percentage of them relate to the price-value relationship. Total lowest cost-your best deal-have it all, quality, service and price and at least a dozen more that come to mind.

What really matters in sourcing advertising and marketing services is not how little you can get something for but what will the end result do for your medical facility, your manufacturing business, your professional service business or your retail ecommerce website.

Will it help people find you, be engaged by the marketing messages and convert from visitors to prospects to colleagues, investors, customers or clients.

I grew up running my own businesses. A chain of four retail stores, a manufacturing facility and now DDA, a premiere medical and corporate marketing and advertising agency. In between, I had a half dozen years as a marketing executive at a large $500 million dollar consumer products corporation. I could spend as much as I wanted…AS LONG AS THE REVENUE GENERATED, JUSTIFIED THE EXPENDITURE.

That is the way it is for millions of small businesses and large corporations alike, and the way it should be. Value is in the result. Success breeds more success, and at DDA successful results are not the goal, they are the reality.

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